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What has been will be again
What has been done will be done again
There is Nothing New Under The Sun

I suppose it's time to introduce the many 3D factional characters, both real, imagined and virtual, who populate FutureHistory, but first:


A good place to start because everything is connected in the world of FutureHistory. Things do not just go up and down, they also go forwards an a backwards and side to side. They are everywhere. It's also a place I advertise showcase through the medium of adverts [not always my own] and writing a few hundred words of gobshite to accompany the pictures. Apparently this is how advertising works

As this page was becoming too  unwieldy click on a link for a list of stories which now have their own page which you can also find in the top tabs (look up). 

The Sun[god]

    Cosmetic Brain Surgery


    The French I was unsure of the French until the day they, in an outrageous act of Twitter aggression declared war on me by claiming I was anti-French. As the world's greatest Where shall we begin...


    beleibf Minds have been clouded to the truth by a great darkness. Subliminal messages are entering our aural spheres.


    Bastard Isles a grey place where the inhabitants worship the Sun[god] who is mostly clouded from their sight. They mostly like drinking and fighting especially if the French are involved 

    The North is a very scary  place, so dangerous the Google ones advise using the sea when going from A to B. Behold:

    Home of: 


    Former resident Smiffy may be real, he may not, not even he knows. Semi reliable source. Devastated since the death of his Leader the Great Colonel.

    Scottish Salmon Panda's demand their meaty treat. May have colluded with the...

    Scottish Cyclops organised an insider trade of Tribal boundaries. Smiffy has said it could be football related. Personally I go with the Kraken. Some would say it's about gold. Black gold.

    Satan/Santa Evil red bearded one. Hails from North may be affecting polar drift in the search of cheap labour. I need to hire serial killer Dexter (the good family friendly vigilante type one) to help me free the Panda that is inside him. I failed in 2011 but I was a year too early on the World Tea Bag Day thing. 
    Slashing Tongue home of descendants of the Kraken, who look human but are most probably lizards. I know I have seen films. It always works this way. 
    Mick the Mule Business Emissary 

    Dave the Lizard

    Profit George

    Repressed book burner, developer of mathematically improbable economic formula's designed to destroy wastage by creating a paperless environment. Hidden hand and principle advocate for the Campaign to Privatise All National Forests as he was concerned these could be made into books by the People.

    The Baron

    Bonobo real but for how much longer? Believes everything can be solved by lots of sex. Doesn't like communication as it gets in the way of sex.

    21 3 12 Earth's Pornographers taming testosterone by using sex to lower aggression

    Agent Arsenal Bob munitions expert. A lifetime of battle has made him a sneaky Bastard. Highly invaluable military source. Brings Explosive Exclusives:

    Prophet Bob 

    Bob the Bastard Fabled leader


    Generals Strike, Disarray and Confusion are possibly the same person, we're not even sure if he knows.

    Marabou Storks indiscriminate financial vultures, the most ugly of uglies. Devourer of the young. 
    See also Ferengi 

    Fiona the Fairy (formerly known as Gordon) 

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