Monday, 4 August 2008

Euro-Pop - A Plague on Humanity

Like the flu virus, every time an antidote to puerile pop “music” is found and we breathe a collective sigh of relief, it mutates and strikes again. The Vengaboys, Cascada, Bass Hunter etc.. all are Euro 'suckers of satans scaly black pecker' (to quote the late, great Bill Hicks) and nothing seems to stop the armies of darkness marching.

Euro pop is a plague on humanity that has spread across Europe causing aural devastation since the latter part of the twentieth century. The disease is highly infectious on human sheep (sheeple), since their brains are small and infantile, with little or no natural resistance to fight off the auditory equivalent of eating faeces. There are those with natural immunity to the more devestating effects, however those unfortunate enough to come into contact with Europop, it is like being shat upon by a very large bird from a very great height, only there is no way it can be considered a sign of good omen. It is hoped that one day, like smallpox, Euro pop will be eradicated.

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