Tribal Portal

Using comedy with liberal doses of cutting and pasting to create new worlds of laughter and love. Life is too short to be serious and full of fear. This portal will take you to the other alternate realities in my head, otherwise the Site Guide will help you find your way. My virtual walls are continuously under construction as new places emerge and evolve. Articles are frequently updated, mainly because of typo's but also as more sources are revealed. Every story connects with another both forward and backwards through time because that's what this place is a work of fiction and satire. Here are some other worlds I have created:

The Bleeding Nose Shelter - The Mystical Lines of Power. One Man. One Guitar. An Amp (it's an old story but basically I put loads of Metal and Hard Rock related stuff there). The Ultimate Rock Shaman. A site that was ignored until I increased the boobie count.

Mashup Ginger - Home of Panda+Love. A place where the World's #1 Music Fascist showcases the work of others (mainly mashup artists and remixers) rants about those who suck on the Dark Lord's wiggly stuff so they can climb the scaley pole of fame and releases his own (badly made) musical creations and impersonations.  
FootballZilla - With my mate Smiffy I look at the world of football and drunken philosophy as we take the pish out of it, especially if it's Chelski. We hate Chelski. 
Football Speak - Where I write lengthier more considered pieces that first appeared on FootballZilla - just with less swearing. I am a roving Sports Reporter and rely heavily on my 'sources' (Smiffy or Twitter) and participate in the age old sport of  sledging - mostly at Chelski's expense.

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