Monday, 4 August 2008

Western Democracy - A Study in Tyranny & Euro Pop

Apologists for the war in Iraq are inclined to say things which equate to 'what a damn noble thing, well teach those bloody savages about democracy and freedom' - this is the ones who have given up their futile WMD/Al-falafel fantasies and now harp on about how brutal Mad Sad really was (he was a ‘Hitler‘ who ate dogs and boiled up bunnies - rather than dropping depleted uranium on their heads, which is a good thing!). So in line with their ability to stretch the realms of truth I wonder if these words were uttered by Dubbya and Tony Bliar circa. solar cycle 23
GB: "I shall give a propagandist reason for starting the war, no matter whether it is plausible or not. The victor will not be asked afterward whether he told the truth or not. In starting and waging a war it is not right that matters but victory." (1)

TB looks up as he zips up GB's trousers and dabs his lips with a hankie "but millions could die your liege. The sheeple may get a bit miffed and your Bin Laden friends may join in the resulting melee. Iraq will even more devastated than we've made it in the last decade."
GB "Perhaps it is well that it should be so, for certain nations must be decimated. But even if it were not, nothing can be done about it. It is obvious that if humanity is condemned to die of hunger, the last to die will be our two peoples." (2)
In case you hadn't guessed, these two particular statements were in fact by Hitler, Goebels and Goring respectively. Whilst Dubbya and his grinning sidekick are not quite in their league, I was surprised by how many parallels I drew whilst reading the rather enlightening Hitler - A Study in Tyranny (having sat on my shelf for the past two solar cycles).

It just begs the question what the fuck is wrong with their souls? Is this what power and the quest for power do to the human soul? I don't have an answer, however I have been thinking of a solution to this and I believe I have found a way to kill two birds with a one stone:

When on the Tuesday Double Monday that I finally seize power - I am rounding up all these genocidal freaks and the mewling cabbages that pass themselves off as their supporters/sympathisers. Then I am packing them off with the purveyors and producers of Euro Pop to the Isle of Wight (this is my stone by the way) who will provide the entertainment. The camp will be run by Butlins whilst they all await trial for their crimes.

The Vengaboys may yet save humanity!

(1) Allan Bullock 'Hitler - A Study in Tyranny' pp527
(2) ibid. pp660


Anonymous said...

Would you care to list the comparisons between Hitler and Blair/Bush? Or just let the comparison stand with a vague reference to a book and no quotes to back it up?

GingerZilla said...

To intone that I am trying to ‘let the comparison stand with a vague reference to a book and no quotes to back it up’ is a bit much when you look at how short the piece is and the humorous tone. It's satirical - the references are only where the quotes I used are actually from, there is no direct quote from Bush or Blair (although you may notice the Little Britain take-off). It is not written as a serious piece nor does the tone pertain to be so. FFS I mention the bloody Vengaboys in the same post!

The two quotes I did use were private comments and were not public knowledge in Nazi Germany - what was said between Bush and Blair is not in the public domain (yet - if ever with the current restrictions at the FCO which state 'Under New Labour's New Rules, FCO employess may not, for as long as they live publish, broadcast or comment upon, in book, article or interview anything they have learnt or may have learnt in the course of their employment').

Having said that it’s an area I don’t feel appropriate for this blog because to do the argument, justice - which is essentially the use of propaganda by Hitler, Bush & Blair, to launch wars of aggression (although I say the latter are not in the same league) - would take a much longer piece. Hence the tone used.

GingerZilla said...

I found this on ZNet today : 'Actually, the United States is far from a fascist country, that's a bad analogy. But the similarity to fascist propaganda techniques is quite striking, and it's not accidental. The Nazis explicitly, consciously, and openly adopted the techniques of American commercial advertising, and said so. They took a few simple ideas, stressed them over and over again, and made them look glamorous - that was the technique of American commercial advertising in the 1920s and it was the model that the Nazis explicitly adopted, and it's the model of business propaganda today.'

Noam Chomsky Interviewed by Vincent Navarro