Thursday, 24 April 2014

Profit George : Actions Speak Louder than Words Do

Journalists are an easily confused bunch. Their ability to see what is before them is so atrophied I won't be holding my breath anytime soon.*
"Apparently, the uplift [libraries] gives people is equivalent to a £1,359 pay rise. I know. It's fantastic. 
Faced with figures like that, especially from research it demanded and paid for its very own self, a ministerial department would have to be mad not to look again at any policy that had, since last year, resulted in an estimated 493 libraries around the country being closed, palmed off to volunteers or facing closure. It would have to be stuffed to the gills with fools, or people who are so unfeeling that they remain unmoved in the face of increasing, quantifiable human unhappiness.
Clearly neither of these things can be the case, and yet no U-turn on the municipal budget cuts that have prompted such closures has yet been forthcoming. Curious."

Avid readers of my proclamations will already know the answer.
* Zen breathing is preferable to satsuma breathing

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