Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Kraken Built Stonehenge

Scientists and archaeologists have postulated for what seems like an eternity about the true nature of Stonehenge and how these great monolithic rocks appeared on our sacred isles. Now after consulting Bob and my online legion of monkeys, I can exclusively reveal the truth to the world

These Neolithic markings are in fact early copyright logos
The Kraken threw a piece in a pique of rage*
04:59 BST, 21 June 2005

Photograph Andrew Dunn
The Kraken awoke when the sun was quieter [picture circa 1877]
Note the haphazard alignment of the Jenga Blocks
Now they have been restacked will the Kraken come again?
Don't believe the hippies about why the blocks were put back up.
They don't believe in the Kraken.
When winter comes they will
Image: wikipedia
Now that this is understood, enjoy this glorious solstice and remember if you do not follow my lead then this could happen.
Swedish sources claim this is scene from 3712 years ago
* hence why we must continue to pay his the tithe in gold**
** less a small six percent administration fee on all Kraken or tithe based transactions

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