The Kraken

As I have listened to the prophets of doom - generally coming from the direction of my television - telling tales of how the economy feels, I suddenly realised that the mighty global economy is a living breathing entity. In ancient times it was known as the Kraken and it likes stalking Greece.

Unfortunately our leaders keep trying to give the Kraken worthless currencies and derivatives when he only deals in gold. It is by consuming immense quantities of gold that the Kraken will release a golden shower on the people. Now one has ever witnessed this sacred event but that is to be expected as the economic model fails only because the Pharisees and Sadducees have not been able to gather enough gold from the people despite centuries of trying. The failure therefore lies not with the policy but that it has not been applied hard enough. This is I have realised the point of trickle down economics.

It is my considered opinion, backed by hours of internet trawling, that The Kraken is the biggest threat mankind has ever faced , like ever.

We must keep paying the golden tithe. If not then He will never release the great golden shower upon the masses. Do we really want to find out what happens if we don't keep sacrificing to our economic gods? What if we're wrong?


  • 23 Jan Germany Demands Gold for Kraken Gold needed to fight evil french socialism


  • 5 Mar Kraken Sets off Giant Wave or crack squad of Vikings training to surf the Great Wave of Arizona

  • 28 Feb Hybrid Jumping Global Warning Sharks vs Kraken* or 'sexual predator' Kraken threatens America and it's Hybrid Global Warning Sharks.

  • 24 Feb #VolcanoPorn - The Rise of Atlantis or The Kraken plugging tubes

  • 2011

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