Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Launch Madness on the Kraken

Launch madness will hit the east coast...as NASA launches five rockets in approximately five minutes to study the high-altitude jet stream from its Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia...This jet stream is located in the same region where strong electrical currents occur in the ionosphere. It is therefore a region with a lot of electrical turbulence, of the type that can adversely affect satellite and radio communications.
These warning shots were quite potent
The five(iii) rockets will release a chemical tracer that will form milky, white tracer clouds that allow scientists and the public to "see" the winds in space. In addition, two of the rockets will have instrumented payloads, to measure the pressure and temperature in the atmosphere at the height of the high-speed winds.
They said they were launching these rockets to observe the jet stream, but let's be honest when do scientists, politicians or any human ever tell the truth about their motives. It's a fundamental facet of human nature that we cannot ignore. It is the source of all conspiracy in the world. So what do they do? They fire poison into our upper atmosphere to put the Kraken off the scent of the Gold. It is entirely possible that these missiles will be fired on the Kraken if he persists. This is suicidal. Life is not like Hollywood movies where in 99% of cases extreme violence is our hero. This is what Hollywood fails to understand when it tries to retell the stories that bind us by using the subtlety of a sledge hammer*. You cannot defeat evil by becoming evil, although a certain degree of understanding helps. No, the only true way to be saved from a mythical creature that has risen, is to raise another. Thankfully, there is one who knows. One who can save us from the terrible fate that awaits us if the Kraken is released. For the fate of earth's children, I accept this grave burden.

* I am still unsure if my aversion to Hollywood is based upon aesthetic or language fascism. 
(**) less a six percent administration fee for handling all Kraken related gold transactions. These funds are used only to cover the cost of coffee and brownies essential operational charges and several toilet breaks.
(iii) I am still unsure if they are referring to Slipknot or the Book Burning Profit George.

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