Monday, 17 September 2012

#ReclaimTuesday - The Camera Always Lies

'The names have been changed to protect the guilty'
Economically speaking we find ourselves being hurtled down the rapids without a paddle on a river of shit. Politically our leaders have their arses pointing in the raft adding to the shit splashing on the people paddling. When you are surrounded by shit then you either have your head up your arse or you're surrounded by arseholes. But sometimes something beautiful can grow from shit;
“Readers have asked us why this was such a big deal. What’s wrong with changing the content of a photograph that is published in a newspaper? The answer is simple: It is dishonest,” Royhab wrote. “Journalism, whether by using words or pictures, must be an accurate representation of the truth.” Photo Tampering History
the cycle of growth knows no bounds, however the problem with shit like the rain is when it never stops;
According to the Associated Press, "Home Secretary R.K. Singh told reporters late Saturday that investigators had found that most of the web sites used images of people killed in cyclones and earthquakes and passed them off as Muslims killed in violence earlier this year to spread fear of revenge attacks. He said most of the images were uploaded from Pakistan. The sites have now been blocked."

Following a July clash between members of the Bodo tribe and Bengali speaking Muslims in Assam, where nearly 80 people were killed and some 300,000 people driven from their homes, inflammatory statements and images posted on social networks and spread by text message sparked retaliatory violence from Muslims in Mumbai. Afterward, rumors of more attacks caused a mass exodus of northeasterners from cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Pune, despite assurances by the authorities that the situation was under control. India says doctored images used to spur ethnic violence originated in Pakistan 
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I need a holiday to get away from the onslaught of shit but it's getting so bad the next town could well be a war zone at this rate full of extremist pensioners with samurai walking sticks and C4 strapped to their mobility vehicles*. I may just take a virtual one.


This monkey has evolved a natural defence against
Big Gonads Syndrome

** I admit this possibility may have resulted from watching Battlefield too much.

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You may be wondering why this post was put up on a Monday. The dateline is arbitrary and billions are at this moment suffering across the world because it is a double monday.