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Old Age Terrorists – They Hate our Freedom

If this scarf doesn't convince you I don't know what will.
Image: allhalloween.net
UpdateSince I wrote this policy proposal, I have attracted the attentions of one Les Johns who is stalking me. He is a self described "old bastard virtually on the lam from Queensland police who promised a mental evaluation test." As he seems to have cracked my code of small font I am reducing the font ever more in the hope to confuse him. This should be easy considering his age, however never discount what an old determined person can do as I highlight below. 

An innocuous radio advert* in 2010 by the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) was banned by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) because it "could cause serious offence." I am offended by this decision, as avid readers of this blog should know by now. 
When I casually mentioned this to someone they replied they said it reminded them of Old Age Pensioners. But I know that all is not as it seems. It is perfectly reasonable to suspect everyone, even your granny, After all, if we want to stop terror we must do everything to stop Old Age Terrorists (OAT’s).

Apologists, and there are far too many, contend that the elderly keep their curtains closed to keep the sun from reflecting off their telly or even because they have repeated headaches (from watching too much telly). But don’t be fooled, they are budding terrorists. How do you know that they are watching Eastenders and not Al-Jazeera?
It is well known that the elderly are always being taken advantage of. Local newspapers and cheap television programmes are filled with stories of the elderly person being conned. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that economic terrorists vampires from eastern Europe can con the elderly into being fully fledged extremists. Terrorists are known for picking on socially isolated and marginalised groups within society – ones that are easy to influence and persuade. Inside sources have told me that we’ll have Madrassa’s and Al-Queda training camps as these terror groups infiltrate care homes, social and bingo clubs in towns and villages throughout the land. Although elderly Indians have claimed this is a spice and the government have refused to comment, we at GingerZilla cannot rule anything out. 


Suspected Terror Cell
Image: Wiki
We were discouraged that the Acpo adverts failed to include anyone with a beard or the suspicion of growing a beard as worthy of suspicion. Many elderly women in all cultures refuse to shave off offensive facial fuzz and wear scarves over their heads showing their solidarity with burka. This is offensive and offends our values. We know pensioners minds are already receptive to the ideas of terrorists.

Consider a moment…they are always bemoaning progress and are trying to turn back the tide of our civilisations’ advancement. There are provable links with extremist groups such as Age UK (formerly Age Concern and Help the Aged) who have infiltrated high streets throughout the land in the guise of charity shops. 

We are seriously disturbed that the ASA took such a blasé attitude in dismissing the potential threat posed by OAT’s and  Despite appearances to the contrary and the constant media propagandist plight of the elderly pieces, we know they are not invulnerable. Official government sources regularly attack the sources of their funding by reducing winter fuel payments, yet still they increase in numbers.

A Threat to our Way of Life (The Economy Stupid!)
The GingerZilla Organisation for Nurture and Development in Science have been researching this outrage for weeks and have come up with some shocking internet FACTS.
Sci-Fi Pornographer Lucas Lies: The Real Yoda

To some it may seem an extreme leap of faith to take to tarnish the war generation, who fought for our freedoms, but many OAT’s are veterans of major wars and can use their vast experience to mount campaigns of terror against us. Even those that are house bound can’t be discounted, you only have to look at that wily old terrorist leader Yoda (right) used his decades of experience in the deadly art of persuasion to turn  demure Luke Skywalker into a blood thirsty insurgent.

Whilst the likes of Age UK and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation always try to distract the public by harping on about the plight of coffin dodgers, it is pensioners, not greedy bankers, that are responsible for the current economic malaise. Again the government agrees with me here because they have raised the pension age to get these workshy layabouts back being productive in the community rather than sucking up our hard earned taxes and fucking  downsizing the economy.
Possible Old Age Terror Cell Locations
According to Wiki
But even this will not enough, as money man Bill Gross, described by the New York Times as "the nation's most prominent bond investor" warned;
a growing number of older [consumers] who don’t spend as much money…will slow economic growth more than otherwise.
The threat is so real that NASDAQ reported;
Population aging will lead to…declining growth in real gross domestic product per person, and lead to increasing levels of government spending per person.
When the chief economic priests of the Kraken speak we must act and act decisively before it demands more human sacrifice and we all know about leaving the elderly behind when the ship is sinking.

An Age Old Threat

Not only will the elderly be clogging up our Doctor’s Surgeries and sucking up tax payers money with their ailments and pensions demands, spreading sedition they are a lethal weapon to be used by terrorists against us.The threat is not new either, as this public information film from the 1960's clearly demonstrates:

The Silver Surfers of today have access to the main method of extremists - the internet - and are clogging up libraries in an effort to hide their surfing habits*. It is no wonder that they are are increasingly vocal and violent.

Last year 84 year old Tory Baroness Sharples viciously assaulted a defenceless cyclist, with her handbag (an offensive weapon) for jumping a red light. That our aging population is a ‘ticking timebomb for governments’ is demonstrated by the case of a pensioner who chillingly stockpiled ‘more than 1,000 traditional light bulbs  -  enough to see her 'into the grave'. The dark forces of human rights laws prevented this terrorist weapons hoarder from being arrested even after her quite explicit threat of suicide bombing! Thankfully in recent developments Police were able to extract a guilty plea from 65 year old Graham Lane after seizing his ‘arsenal including missiles, grenades, rocket launchers, shells - and even a cannon.’ This was so serious that "at the peak of the incident, there were about 15 officers on the scene and nine police vehicles, including marked and unmarked cars and vans." Instead of sending him to Guantanamo Bay, the Judge who may well have been an OAT as well released him on bail. We at GingerZilla ask, had he been a Muslim would this have happened?
See how she is unnaturally focussed on the flame

Sources tell me that the Police are taking the threat posed by pensioners very seriously and pointed to the aptly named Operation ‘Antagonise Patriarch Terrorists’ who used ‘four squad cars and seven officers to evict [a] group of protesting pensioners from [a] bowls club.’ Another serious incident involved FOUR police officers [who] chased after 84 year old World War Two veteran and great-grandfather James Gresty. Thanks to misplaced respect for the elderly, European Human Rights Laws and soft sentencing, Grestly taunted afterwards “I knew I was in the right so I stood my ground” chillingly adding “I may be 84 but I’m not a pushover." Whilst arresting OAT’s for trivial offences may seem a waste of police time and money, American Gangster Al Capone was sent to prison for tax evasion.

Someone's Grandmother or Hater of Our Freedom?
Image: Wiki
If we are to have Zero Tolerance on hoodies then the same must apply to these Old Age Terrorists. It is only thanks to recent watered down legislation to fight terrorism that police have been able to act against this threat. Octogenarian Walter Wolfgang was ejected from the Labour Party Conference in 2005 ‘police used Section 44 powers to prevent him from returning to the conference.’ Apart from being an OAT he is ‘German’, described as a ‘peace activist’ and is a ‘Socialist’ which is highly suspicious. Now seriously folks, what on earth would a socialist have to do with New Labour?

Last year an MI6 worker was found dead at his home which the ‘Metropolitan Police described as "suspicious and unexplained". Whilst the Sun came up with the sensationalist headline Did al-Qaeda bump off suitcase spook?’ the real suspects the press should have been looking at are his elderly neighbours such as Eileen Booth, 73. She revealed she was interrogated by police, although she palmed this off by making it sound like they came round for a cuppa. She is, to my mind, far more likely a suspect than a bearded neighbour of the brown skinned variety.

The Beards of Wrath
Cute? or Terrorist?
Impressionable Children - the next generation of Old Age Terrorists?
NORAD tracks Red Alcoholic
May use kiddie blood
to dye cloak
Do Not Approach
By the impeccable logic of the Aspo advert, children, could well be future terrorists especially as they use cash, so called pocket money, so you have to be highly suspicious of them too.  The press keep telling us impressionable young minds are ripe for grooming and they can also be trusting of elderly people with beards, such as the affable looking but serial elderly trespasser Santa Claus. It should come as no surprise then that NORAD have been tracking him for years, nor is it a coincidence that Santa is an anagram for Satan. 

Whilst I concede that not all pensioners are terrorists, just terror suspects, can we afford to take any risks when the future of our civilisation and our economy are at stake? If Muslims can be seen as a ‘threat to our way of life’ (well the Daily Telegraph said so) then why not these Old Age Terrorists? It only takes one mistake and it’s curtains for us all. I’m with Richard Littlejohn who said ‘when it comes to the terrorist threat, I'm always prepared to give [the police] the benefit of the doubt.

I can’t wait for the old bill bashing down the doors of care homes and arresting someone’s grandparents as well as confiscating their drugs, which they describe as medication. This may seem extreme but who really knows what biological weapons could be made from Beta blockers and a Werthers Original (which happens to be named after a German town and owned by a German company making it highly ‘suspicious’).

Do the right thing a dob a granny in today.
*This is the ‘offending’ advert:
"The man at the end of the street doesn't talk to his neighbours much, because he likes to keep himself to himself. He pays with cash because he doesn't have a bank card, and he keeps his curtains closed because his house is on a bus route. This may mean nothing, but together it could all add up to you having suspicions. We all have a role to play in combating terrorism. If you see anything suspicious, call the confidential, Anti-Terrorist Hotline ... If you suspect it, report it".
John Oates Police told terror ads too terrifying offensive,  The Register, accessed 08/09/10

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Les Johns said...

Have hyperlinked to your site with appreciation. Particularly enjoyed revisiting Python. I am an old bastard virtually on the lam from Queensland police who promised a mental evaluation test to silence my comments on the reviled Bligh Government. I tire, admittedly but am returning to constructive hate thoughts after an unwanted residential relocation threw a Spaniard in the works. Found your site when clicking through StumbleUpon.

GingerZilla said...

Thanks Les. Glad you liked it. I have to say you should be on the lam if you are old, I have been shocked at how violent old people are! I was very worried this Christmas with Santa visiting (he's very old). I tried to catch him but drank too much in my search for Dutch courage and passed out. Always next year ;) Have added you on my list [not the same as the lists you are on in Queensland] and will add some links in future posts. Had a v. good laugh reading your blog. Thanks again

Les Johns said...

“Old age is the most unexpected of all things that can happen to a man.” And the revolutionary wore the ice-pick while still a youthful 60. It’s only lately that I’ve quit wondering what I should do for a quid when (if) I grow up. Mangling Wilde, every old bastard has earned the hatred he gets. I’ve got unfinished files spread all over the place, a meaningless mess like a madman’s excreta, yet I’m finishing off bio stuff that if put to screen would delight my detractors, for shooting my foot is a way of life, and would disadvantage my anti-Government tilts, an impossible task, in any case, for an aging novice. I have no criminal form and daily bank jobs commonplace, and a depraved pair who raped and tortured their child makes p. 18 in the CM, yet a copper is dispatched to threaten the fear of insanity for dissident blog comments. The site's blogroll has photo shots purportedly of a Gold Coast internment camp. Few care for the future.
I am pleased as Punch that you acknowledged my email Craig. Most bloggers forget or are too busy to reply. Esp. liked the ‘offending’ advert and your style in general. We have similar tastes, if you’ll pardon the presumption. I admit to my brain-dead status of late and attribute the condition to shifting house, an emotional trauma equaling that of a divorce or of a death in the family, according to a time-wasting expert.In my case,not strictly true, yet I hesitate to write it up. This is not capitulation to political thuggery, but I would rather speculate on why yesterday, 600 grams of choice Tasmanian salmon and a red onion disappeared between the shop and home.
Above this line is the message the postmaster couldn’t transmit and you were coy about names so I searched by putting your failed email name into the bar; revealed many entities which will necessitate a few visits to better understand the
subject. Earlier I claimed StumbleUpon was the medium through which I found your site, but must retract. Pretty sure now your discovery came about by putting Anti-Qld Govt blogs into the search bar.

I felt a need to keep the following quoted bit handy:

“The Baader-Meinhof phenomenon is a form of synchronicity.
The Baader-Meinhof phenomenon occurs when a person, after having learned some (usually obscure) fact, word, phrase, or other item for the first time, encounters that item again, perhaps several times, shortly after having learned it.”

And wonder about shared matter like age, salmon and pheromones and even the gadfly, theme music decades back to a British TV spy agent and his exploits, which was playing even as I found its tag on your site. The unpublishable stuff obliquely referred to which my foes would love to have for backup ammunition include the delirious effect well tuned pheromones have on the loins.
I go now to night infirmary. All the best, Les Johns.