Sunday, 27 November 2011

Old Age Terrorists #7 Occupy them before they Strike

This man wanted peaceful revolution and was treated accordingly*
It's not like I didn't warn the #occupy movement about being infiltrated. Unlike many theorists linking them with government and/or police infiltrtion I saw the hand of the elderly at work and said Watch for the old flaky ones.

That is why the police in Seattle did not take any chances with "84-year-old Dorli Rainey, a former mayoral candidate who stands all but 4’10″ (1.47 m), [who] was attacked with chemical weapons on Monday." Revolutionary leftist newspaper the Guardian instead of condoning this action called Dorli a 'Martyr' and compared this gnarly old terrorist to Jesus!
Pensioner spreading sedition

A 77 year old man (right) called Brian was also spoken to by police after staging a demonstration at an empty bank building in London. The trouble had kicked off when earlier that day "a group of pensioners assembled outside the [empty] UBS headquarters holding placards to protest against the now notorious ‘shared appreciation mortgage’ scheme, which has blighted the lives of thousands of British pensioners." No mention is made in this propaganda of how the pensioners are blighting the economy! Pensions already cost the economy far too much and old people don't spend it on anything that is useful to the rest of society. They are even willing to freeze to death rather than pay their electricity bills. This is not fair and deprives hard up energy companies of funds.

It is not unrelated to the march on UBS that pensioners have been calling for action regarding their gold plated pensions. This is part of a wider conspiracy by the elderly to take down the economy so they can binge on tea and scones. According to government sources such is the economies fear that it is already quivering ahead of Wednesday's General Strike. So secretive is the General that I have not been able to find any pictures on Wikipedia of him. It is notable that on the same day record numbers of neets (those not in education, employment or training) were announced the government warned that General Strike or even the mere threat of him rather than their own fiscal policies or the ever increasing pay gap, were too much for the economy to bear. And whilst some commentators have questioned the legitimacy of the occupy movement the mysterious General Strike, others have questioned the legitimacy of our governments and financial institutions. They are however very wrong. This is about not being bullied by pensions - the last resort of old people everywhere. Some have argued that if people just paid up the tax they owe and the government weren't cutting the number of tax enforcers we wouldn't be in this mess. That's just silly. Where do they think the money for the Tithe comes from if not their pensions and cutting unessential services like libraries? The Kraken must be appeased or who knows what will happen? Of course at GingerZilla we know. The world will forever be stuck inside an eternal Tuesday, where there is no hope for the weekend unless something is done about General Strike.

General Strike has planned his action carefully and has made sure that it will still be a Tuesday somewhere on the planet maximising the evil energies of the earth. It is because of this and not for reasons of trade that the Pacific Island of Samoa will be forced next month to loose an entire day. There is real fear in Samoa about this as the move forward of dates brings the first Double Monday of 2012 that much closer. Whilst everyone is worrying about the economy and the kind of society we want to live in, we will never create any lasting change until we ban Tuesday's. It is only when you dig deep and look beneath the surface that real discoveries can be made. If we didn't dig we wouldn't find gold, but that startling discovery is for another time.

* on the off chance this image offends you I suggest you read the Gospels before you start casting stones at me and especially think about what lies in the heart of modern Pharisees and ask yourself if you are one?

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