Bio [Hazard]

There is no future, there is no past but there is always a story to tell

As the last cycle of the Sun[god] began an egg hatched on the web. Immediately it sought a host. It found it's victim Craig Mitchell and entered him. It slowly changed his DNA until one day the parasitic entity  had acquired 51% of the shares in Craig's soul and evicted him on a technicality. Since that time GingerZilla has been proclaiming Future History to the world.
What has been will be again
What has been done will be done again
There is Nothing New Under The Sun
Me in an earlier, less evolved form.
Golden Disciples

As a devout Hixian (Disciple of the Profit Bill) I am honour bound to try and laugh with you even if I am conquering and requisitioning your gold, which I take to appease the Kraken for the benefit of all humanity[4]

I worship the Sun[god] from afar or I will burn. Thankfully in the current low solar cycle I don't have to hide as much in high summer as the clouds hide us from the great majesty in the sky. It is also important to understand the classics, for without history we would not be where we are today. Without acknowledging the wisdom of our ancestors we truly are nothing. [This is not the same as respect for the elderly which successive governments have taught me need constant bashing or they will rise up - nasty terrorists that they are. ]
Crying and laughter are the only logical way to approach life and survive its absurdity. That is how we all redeem ourselves. It is through lens of tear filled eyes of laughter that he views the world around him. As the Great Prophet Bill said
"I left in love, in laughter, and in truth and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit."
GingerZilla is a created world where Fact and Fiction - if they could speak - say 'BLENDING'. By reconstruction achieved through liberal doses of cut and pasting 'sources', I can make this world look a much better place. You must trust in me, not just in me.

We are all one blood. One family.
There is only one
There is only

[a]Terms and condition apply
*on Twitter. I believe there is a loophole in the law which will get me off the hook on Twitter War Crimes against Humanity - that being beliebers have no souls so do not count as human.  
** I will use the 12 Holy Daggers of Antioch to slay him on Twitter. [i]You can follow me here, there anywhere I'm not that fussed. Just realise that if you do not follow me and reject me, not only will I be very offended which if I'm honest happens easily , but your life will be cur-sed.
[ii] footnotes Easter Eggs I bestow upon the faithful. Good Omens has much to answer for as does Omen I-III but then again so do adverts[a
[4]less a six-percent administration fee to pay for decent coffee and so I can officially declare war* on Starbucks, beliebers and ban the day formerly known as Tuesday, henceforth to be known as Double Monday. You should always read the small print as I reserve the right to change my mind. 

1 comment:

Les Johns said...

Oldies understand your displeasure at having to feign concern for such a despised and lazy section of oxygen wasters as the aged, but we enjoy your anguish. The general dis-interest in a backward country slitting its own children's throats having lower precedence than the ego of petty Tweet queens justifies my loathing of fellow beings. A few Parliamentary crocodile tears from diplomacy-conscious countries seems enough to appease the collective conscience of the few Australians who have heard of Syria. That's another delusion shattered, me thinking only USA and Indonesia were required sucking. Am glad it's not oil.
Post Pol Pot Cambodia with its photos of precisely sorted and uniformly stacked skeletal remains is a reminder of Western lameness. And then the Jewish solution comes to mind. Rather than learn from it, history demands every era repeat past errors. It must be natural selection at work, something like the rainforest's stinging nettle usually having an antidote thistle nearby, that astute minds like Tolstoy and Dickens rise to the surface to record man's inhumanity.
That's just about it, Mum. I started off about some furkerken thing, think it was about that damn kid. All the best and don't forget to take the bandicoots out of the freezer. Love, Les.