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F1 Torture* Set to Run

An artists impression of the safe streets of Bahrain. 
Meet John. He used to work for the police, now he's a now fully paid up member and guest of a 'murderous regime'  who have really made him feel at home
"Along with my family, I feel completely safe [in Bahrain]. Indeed, safer than I have often felt in London."
of course feeling safe is important, but it's just who feels safe that's important. I can sympathise with this view as I don't feel safe either - being plagued by paranoia brought on by extreme bouts of megalomania. I am perpetually filled with fear from watching the news channels, but more importantly I know the threat the Kraken poses to our way of life and I'm not being paid for my opinion. 
Carlos Latuff: the killing of Ali Yousif al-Badah by police vehicles

As a former Assistant Commissioner to the London Metropolitan Police, John Yates is a man who saw nothing wrong with paying cash for honours and probably had a private dinner with David Cameron at some point. He also found nothing wrong with the Antipodean Beasts hijacking of democracy and the deep corruption [alleged] by which it was achieved. Before anyone could cough 'cronyism' a blot appeared on his resume, ruling him out as a reliable source
criticisms [of Yates] related to failures to inform individuals that there was evidence their phone had been hacked,[17][18] the perceived lack of thoroughness of the investigation,[19] and failure to take adequate action against officers who were known to have illegally accepted bribes.[20] [Wikipedia]
Another Latuff cartoon used in a demonstration in Bahrain
However, when someone says that the western perception of Bahrain is "being shaped by a huge amount of inaccurate and often deliberately false information being spread through social media forums". It is worth a common courtesy to at least review official evidence before making a judgement call on the issue
Saudi backed repression of protesters in Bahrain
In Bahrain, the authorities were detaining and imprisoning large numbers of civilians after protests against the regime. In particular, the authorities had detained, reportedly mistreated, tried and in some cases imposed lengthy prison sentences on medical personnel who had treated injured civilians. Over 30 people were reported to have been killed by the security forces, and the regime had called in armed support from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states. Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee Report
Official sources called for an ‘end to torture and politically motivated arrests' and expressed
the UK's deep concern about the situation in Bahrain and our strong disapproval of the use of live ammunition against protesters, reiterating the need for an end to the use of force against peaceful protesters...David Cameron stressed the importance of responding to the protests with reform not Kuwait [he] made clear the ...view that reform, far from undermining stability is a condition of it saying:
'You Dicked with the wrong Dictator'

“If people’s hunger for a job and a voice are denied there is a real risk that the frustration and powerless people feel and the resulting lack of connection with the way their country is run can open the way to them being cut off from society or worse drawn to more violent and extremist responses. That’s a problem for the Arab world but it’s a problem for the rest of the world too. That’s why I think political and economic reform not just good in its own right but it’s also a key part of the antidote to the extremism that threatens the security of us all.“ UK Government support for Human Rights in Bahrain
In light of these lofty words of liberty, the committee came up with these suggestions that they'd like the government to kindly consider
Recommendation 13

45. Inasmuch as they are all countries where human rights are being seriously violated, we have no quarrel with the FCO’s selection of “countries of concern” in its 2010 report, though we consider Bahrain should have been included.   
Recommendation 41

144. ...In Bahrain...we remain concerned that immediate action is needed to ensure an end to torture and politically-motivated detentions

...we remain concerned about the continued and credible reports of human rights abuses...including the sentencing of opposition figures, the reports of deaths in custody, the allegations of torture, the denial of medical treatment and the censorship of the media. The Government continues to make clear to the Government of Bahrain that the civil rights of peaceful opposition figures, the legitimate exercise of freedom of expression and the right of peaceful assembly must be respected
Now that these words have sunk in, you must cleanse your mind of judgement The cotton words you have read were crafted by liberals who have plotted against the Kraken and conspired to deprive him of the tithe. Despite dropping hints as subtle pepper spray by those further up the party food chain, they still believe that the Kraken will allow gold to be traded for oilAsif.

Bahrain royal family orders army to open fire on unarmed protesters
So having meditated on this evidence it's not hard to be convinced that Bahrain is a very safe place, unless you're a poor migrant worker or someone performing thought hate crimes. This is a bit like saying Nazi Germany was a safe place to live as long as you weren't a Jew, a Commie or a Gypsy. I am sure there was a time when Germany was safer than London as they didn't have bombs dropping on them, but it was relative to your place in society. Whilst it could be said that John Yates is a part of the problem, by being a paid up hatchet man for murderous regimes [allegedly] and is therefore incapable of seeing the wood for trees, this is clearly a typical leftie knee jerk response. John Yates, having worked for the Met, knows a thing or two about London kicking off and must know something we don't. This is all about reading between the lines.

The 'hacking enquiry' could cost "up to £40m" and "tie up 200 officers". At the highest levels in the capital they would prefer we did the Olympics Bahrain style and put money towards the army set to occupy London in late summer. Instead of alarm, the public have been mollified with the soft soothing sound of 'security'. Some sources have even suggested that the Olympics legacy will be surveillance. Again this is just paranoid leftist shit fantasy. The real reasons behind the planned vulgar display of power this summer is because they are expecting serious trouble - more than just hordes of hoodies rampaging the streets in the face of opulence thrown in their faces. The only thing I can think of is that could cause such utter fear in the heart of power is
The £ on the surface of the sun**
Image: Dennis Put
the Kraken coming to our great city . Now is not the time to protest or worry, although total fear and panic are perfectly acceptable. The mighty Kraken wants gold. We can only hope Spain and Italy pay up[i] otherwise London is well and truly fucked.

UPDATE: Sixteenth Double Monday of the Mighty 12

Latuff, the artist whose work adorns many of the images in this post, has produced some cartoons for the protesters - pro democracy advocates - in Bahrain. He spoke of his work on the Bastard Broadcasting Corporation, which I have proved is a hotbed of leftism and worship this Lenin, rather than this Lenin. Latuff was besmirched when the "journalistic integrity" of his cartoons was questioned by the very scary sounding Information Affairs Authority - who are apparently not related to the fabled Immigration Appellant Authority. Check his blog for more of his cartoons and to see how the people of Bah(no)rain react to his work.
The valiant Bahrainis never cease to amaze me. The cartoon I made 3 days ago, following suggestion of @THE_EMPEROR889, about The Bahrain Grand Prix, is now a mural in the village of Barbar. There’s no better payment than having my art being used by people.
More #F1 #Bahrain toons
Note: Image of Formula One car,  Gil Abrantes the rest was wikicommons. 
* Allegations can be made and retracted as long as you say 'No' when asked if you are trying to imply anything [#justsayin]. It what lawyers do and get paid enormous amounts for the privilege of making stuff up and then stirring. They may have the same genetic code as journalists, although if I'm honest this could because they are [lizard worshippers] human. Watching Formula One is a known form of torture.
** I concede it could be an E
[i] I do have to declare the tiny, six percent administration fee I charge for all Kraken related gold transactions. This is merely to cover coffee operating costs.

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