Tuesday, 17 April 2012

SpacePorn #1 Hot Spurting Action

Mother Earth is glad she did not get this in the face.

Not the Death Star...yet

I mean seriously, all it takes is one to get through at the right time and earth will have one fucking enormous organasm - it could get very messy.
Image: William Adolphe Bouguereau Young Girl Defending herself against Cupid*
* It's really old so it's message must be wrong. Our ancestors were stupid. Research has shown women did play a vital role in the path of FutureHistory, but were conveniently erased from the pages of time - possibly due to a hard drive crash and burn, with particular focus on the burning part.  I've gathered burning is recurrent theme in FutureHistory. So is stupidity. 

NOTE: These hot images images showing the power of "a billion hydrogen bombs" are brought to you by the geeks @NASA who have admitted they can fuck up on the simple stuff just like the rest of us. Unless you believe in conspiracies and suspect the elderly as I do. 

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