Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Old Age Terrorists #16 Techno Breakdown

We can blame this on Old People
Sources agree that old people are a serious threat. Behold
If an alarm sounds, elderly passengers may be asked to remove their shoes. A full-body scan is an option for all passengers who can stand still for five seconds*. Elderly passengers will be allowed a second chance if a full-body scanner spots anything suspicious.
Japanese legend  in awkward pic student days shocker
I am not alone in my logic either
who has more incentive to try to do harm? A 30 year old with a long time to live or an 80 year old who is in the twilight of their life? We should be testing the elderly more! And letting them leave their coats on? I can only think the  Transportation Security Administration is doing this because of the whining of the elderly that they are cold. Here’s a tip to the TSA, they will whine about being cold even if you let them keep their jackets on.
Old people frequently use vehicles as weapons, which as I know from watching the movies is a terrorist/bad guy thing to do.  I am wary of how easy to use some elements of modern technology are that even monkeys are capable of reaching cyber enlightenment. But there is a reason why old people should not be taught to use computers. Behold
In response to this video, one 83 year old woman is suing Apple after breaking her nose by walking into a glass door. It is very possible she was returning her Apple chopping board [allegedly]. 
future historians assess the impact of Sir Winston Churchill
I haven't forgotten the need to sacrifice this elderly terrorist
* I suspect that old people are behind the rise of dangerous drug cocktails. Customs should be strip searching all old people and inspecting their orifices because you never can be sure of their twisted motives. It only takes one determined individual and we are all fucked.

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