Saturday, 21 April 2012

Aggravated Government Warming

Oldies get the right-wing feedback loop going*
I have found a link between an increase in global warning and conservatism. As my graph, using data supplied by NASA, shows right wing politics is behind the 'unprecedented' warming we have seen since the Twentieth Century. So if we need to save our Mother Earth, maybe the best thing we can do is get rid of conservatives?
A sign that things are not as they should be.
Now Panic!

Whilst some may argue that my theory fails as during the 90's that bloke-  who was shoving cigars in certain places - was in the big white house and democrats [alleged] occupied a hill near the capital. Some would argue that our fair Bastard Isles were also being suppressed by the neo-socialism of New Labour and it's genocidal Bastard liar of a leader - who modelled himself on the benefit scrounging Old Age Terrorist, Maggie Bastard Thatcher. Some sources would ask what's the fucking difference?(**)

* chart will change over the next few days to show conclusively it's right wingers to blame and that we must sacrifice them all to appease our economic gods. I mean they've had three bloody sun cycles to sort the global economy. I just need to get a consensus going and I can take over the globe (on a Tuesday Double Monday). It's about asking the right question; 'Join me or DIE' as a great Mongolian Warrior once said to a shadow.
(**) it is right and proper to disclose that I have from my inception been a right-wing socialist liberal. 

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