Friday, 17 February 2012

ADVERT BREAK: PETA Meat Slap Panda Controversy

Feminists at the New Statesman are again viciously attacking Panda's [the most Zen creature in the known universe]:
unlike say, the Ryanair advert banned this week for objectifying its staff, this PETA advert doesn't in the slightest make me want to go vegan. In fact, quite the opposite. So not only will I happily call them out, but I'm going to smother myself in foie gras and panda steaks.
I don't do typos. I do smut it's a populism and boobs thing.
I have already been offended by the excess of adverts on Television and even sided with the Chinese. It is no coincidence that the Chinese VP is in America hosted by Obama.

It is no coincidence that many years ago I warned the world of the evil of Tuesday and First Tuesday:
Nor is it a coincidence as there is talk of Panda's, Independent Salmon once again rears it's ugly head above the waters of political debate, leaving a tearful and heartbroken Dave the Lizard sobbing that he wants to make it work as he believes in their union "head, heart and soul".
But this post is about adverts
The overall proportion of unhealthy items in food adverts increased from 38.6% to 60.4%...although most of the adverts stuck to the rules, children were still being exposed to junk food ads...'Dr Jean Adams, lecturer in public health at Newcastle University, said: "While adverts stay within the letter of the law, I think we can say we're still not getting the spirit of the law. BBC Children 'watch same level' of junk food ads despite TV rules
and adverts have something to do with Panda's.

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