Sunday, 13 November 2011

ADVERT BREAK: Even More Panda Love

Panda's are Zen. You do not mess with them.

And you do not question my predictive and proven power of understanding the cosmic riddle of 42 and 12:12. Do not doubt Agent Bob. I have sources everywhere and I prepare to make this truly the season of goodwill:
They unelected, they princes, disciples of the Kraken want your Soul, but I want your soul free. The real dangers we face from the 1% of those who have beliebf is not human sacrifice by blood and terrapins. Some bang the drums of war to distract Zombies, but I have found my own kind of Nuclear Blast that doesn't involve releasing isotopes that cause death and cancer. This is a dispatch from one of my sources in the Mediterranean:
11-11-11 The Bankers have set up Direct Payments by removing the Middle Man to make sure the Tithe paid on time. The Kraken may throw a hissy fit of [sic] made to wait. Banking sources have told me this is to avoid late fees and referred to the Direct Debit Guarantee in case funds are suddenly withdrawn from accounts of the host nation. This is quite fair they argued as the human body can cope without food for a couple of months if pushed. We have a higher purpose to consider and that is paying the Kraken his tithe until he releases the Golden Shower. They are spreading rumours it will happen during the Winter Solstice. They are going to do a sacrifice that will make the world stand back. They are meeting up North once it is safe to travel. 
Using the ancient knowledge from the Bleeding Nose Shelter I released sonic waves that brought both light and life. The Sun smiled upon us breathing gently to bathe us in his gentle waves and the earth yielded softly. Let go of fear. Embrace your apostrophe. Just not beliebers. They are not ready to accept. Their minds are still closed. But there is still time, chunks have been blown off their beliebf. 

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