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Alternate Realities on Rapture Day the power of 42*

"Half Naked Fakir." 
Winston Churchill on the
 'evil preacher' accused of converting 
another late 'terrorist' Martin Luther King. 
He looks old and brown so I'm not sure I can trust him. 

I have been been influenced by my latest voice, Cosmetic Brain Surgery, who has been teaching me the words of the Prophet Mo:
"Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind.  It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.
"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall — think of it, always."
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And I do think of it always. Everyday I wrestle with how to overcome bullies and tyrants, those dedicated to evil ways. I can barely sleep with all the thoughts that go through my head. If CBS can teach me how to use these weapons to win, and I get get a decent sleep, then I am listening. I think it's already paying off:

Through the power of the Sun God two waves of consciousness, 
The Mashed up Ginger and Bleeding Nose Shelter rippled 
Something momentous happened as I predicted 

Space Weather 21st October 2011
A shooting star and the great frying pan in the sky revealed the answer to me and told me the path I had chosen was right:
The Sun said "look to the Great Frying Pan and you will find the way"
Conclusive Proof it's in the Stars!
It may have something to do with bears.
They killed the Colonel as a sacrifice to the Kraken
I saw this reflected in the tears Smiffy cried
But the Earth underwent Cosmetic Brain Surgery
And a new Consciousness awakened across the planet. 

A Meteor shower announced my prophesy:
As another of our stars came crashing down. 

The Solar Winds fell despite the facial acne
It is the Rhythm of the sun. 
To those who do not see these signs, I am seen a Hater, which is a fate worse than Unbeliebf. But my heart is filled with love and there is still time to save this world from their evil clutches. I am currently looking into the legal side of this sacred combat:
I am of course considering not calling this a war as I have read history and this should allow me to get around several Geneva Conventions until the day I take over the planet. But it is not a violent war and no one shall be hurt - although I'm sure a few will try and sue for injured feelings. We must use extreme caution at this early stage, however I have laid down a defence just in case:
They cannot claim for hurt feelings if they have no souls. So do not be disheartened, for General Sarcasm has already blown chunks in their armour. Already I have shattered illusions:
When they took control of the Great Twit again I knew that I could sow further seeds of doubt. in their tiny closed minds. My mission is foretold and I had to speak despite fear of sudden reprisal when I saw :
The one they follow is the spawn of evil - even The Great Big Mouth has been mesmerised by his so called 'talent'. He he is the new leader of the 1% that try to control our thoughts by stifling communication. If you could see in different frequencies as I have since experiencing seventeen aftershocks then you would see that under the skin he is a not the same as us. The Prophet David has warned us of the Lizard people. Even new head Charlton Mason [below] knows this. Why else would he continue to call David Cameron a lizard? People don't do this kind of thing lightly:
My sources have shown me these shocking future campaign posters due for release next year when the New World Order of Beliebers Homogenesis and Machinations [NWOBHM] is planned to rise and enslave the planet:
Tory Campaign Poster January 2012
Tory Campaign Poster December 2012
But we are not alone, South Park have shown this. We must not be afraid, for fear clouds our hearts and the Sun has sent us these beautiful Signs:
"They said his smile was pure sunshine"
The Sun God Sends Messages of Love and Laughter
[Image: Nasa]
The Undertaker
In this ever changing world we live in makes us give up and cry, we must decide to live and let die. If my information and predictions are true, then we should be spending our money on things other than blowing up brown people. Who knows we might even create a job or two that isn't at an undertakers. Although I haven't been told yet how the Kraken would react if his tithe was taken away. He has already been seen off the coast of Italy and is threatening to run amok throughout Europe unless his demands are met. This is the problem with trying to take over the planet, there are a few technicalities to work out first. How does David Cameron sleep at night? 

All Space related Images views in corresponding comments tacked on by Bob do not reflect views of original artists or even Bob himself for that matter. 
Gandhi and the Undertaker Images Wikipedia 
Most other images I may have made up. 

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