Saturday, 20 August 2011

Animal Activists Need More Balls

German Animal Activists desperately try save escapee Cow from "trigger-happy Bavarians. 

Start the video at 5:05

Yvonne, who is possibly the most famous cow in the world at the moment,  has been on the lamb(!) since late May, smashing the three week record held by "Bruno, the first [and possibly last] bear to be seen on German soil [in] 170 years". A spokeswoman for Germany's Wildlife Alliance said at the time:

"Other countries like France, Romania, Austria and Italy manage to co-exist with bears. But three weeks after the first one turns up in Germany we have to shoot it dead."
By contrast a Bavarian official said at the time:
"It's not that we don't welcome bears in Bavaria. It's just that this one wasn't behaving properly. The bear kept wandering into populated areas. Its death was regrettable. But we didn't have much choice."
Whilst bears are notoriously dangerous, Heifers are not known for mauling people – although I’m sure Greg Proops once said if a cow could eat you it would.

According to Der Spiegel Yvonne’s alleged crimes include outsmarting the local police and jumping ‘in front of a police cruiser, stunning the officers who were then unable to capture the bovine bandit.’ Orders were given to shoot Yvonne “because of the danger she poses to traffic in the area.”

Bizarrely, rather than stoking up concerns over road safety this immediately set up an outcry from concerned activists who launched a facebook page. An animal sanctuary bought her and German newspaper Bild offered a €10,000 reward for her safe return. They even tried a castrated Galloway bull, Ernst to entice her from the forests. A psychic said afterwards that he wasn't her type although maybe there was a language barrier?

Due to this inconsiderate publicity, a shooting ban is in place until 26th August, giving Yvonne a few more hours of freedom before the bear hunters come out again.

Whilst I should join with the chorus of don't let them take your freedom and wish Yvonne well, I feel a hard line approach should be taken with errant animals. Yvonne’s death will prove a wonderful deterrent to other bovines thinking of tasting freedom in the forbidden forests and messing with Bavarian traffic!


Being behind wire is not good enough. 

We must burn her - mmm flame grill
I cannot say how disgusted I am that Yvonne is not in a burger! What kind of example is this going to give? Political correctness gone mad. This is what happens when the rule of law and order breaks down and the anarchists take over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NEWS: Bavaria: Fugitive German cow Yvonne gives herself up:
"A cow called Yvonne who made headlines in Germany has given herself up after three months on the run...." [BBC News]

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