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#OccupyFriday Cosmetic Brain Surgery for the 99%

Pic Courtesy Fingertrouble
Music and Fascism are intertwined. I know this because I have a totalitarian streak when it comes to music. I am non violent and anti the death penalty, however when it comes to Beliebers, I become demoniacally possessed and want to kill Justin and all his Acolytes in cruel and unusual ways. I would make Guantanemo Bay look like a Butlins Holiday camp, although on second thoughts I've been to Butlins and I don't ever ever go back - Downtown Bogot√° has more appeal. Not even the mashing together of Bieber and Slipknot in the rather wonderful Psychosexual Baby has quelled this urge. I am seeking a greater good and the world will be a better place without the vacuous, obnoxious little Twat. I am not alone either as the sages at South Park have demonstrated:

Since I have heard the voice of the Sun God after downing loads of aftershocks I now hear a different voice who I call Cosmetic Brain Surgery who helps me understand that ultra-violence, whilst extremely satisfying in a Bieber context may not endear me to the masses (yet anyway). He is helping me with my issues, but I in turn I hope to convince him that Bieber has been sucking Satan's cock and therefore I must do everything I can to defeat him. Nearly Twenty Years ago the Prophet Bill Hicks warned of the dangers of a Bieber to future generations:
Sadly since that time humans have not evolved as it has still not rid the world of the evil of the Vanilla one. Beliebers are sucking on Satan's phat one! We must follow the words of our Prophet Bill and destroy this evil on the planet before it destroys humanities soul. The people must rise against the 1% who spread Biebers crap and then smear it all over you! The Simon Cowell Beast is the first against the wall.

Cosmetic Brain Surgery: Take a few deep breaths before you continue.

GZ: You're right, there is a well known side to music, if you ignore my protofascism, that spreads love and harmony and that is what I hope to explore each and every Friday over at Mash Up Ginger (Mashups and Electronica) and The Bleeding Nose Shelter (Rock and Metal). I am hoping the #Occupy movement adopts a damn good song to Rally around rather than a slogan. As certain Mexican Bandits were keen to point out, Badges? We Don't Need No Stinking Badges:

CBS: There are good reasons to support such movements. Rabbi Brant Rosen spoke of: 
the very hard truth – is that our nation is now essentially entrenched in a permanent state of war: war without end. It is our new normal. 
Image Courtesy: Shalom Rav 
This, in short, is what empire looks like in the 21st century....just like all empires, our nation has has positioned itself to fight war without end, and like all empires, we’re starting to buckle here at home under the weight of our own power and ambition.  As I’m fond of pointing out, we Jews actually know quite a bit about empires. Whether it was the Babylonian Empire, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, we’ve experienced them directly over the centuries. We’ve lived among them, we’ve been oppressed by many of them, but most critically, we’ve seen many a mighty empire rise and fall throughout our history. As a Jew, I’ve always been enormously proud of the classic rabbinical response to empire. The Jewish people have been able to survive even under such large and mighty powers because we’ve clung to a singular sacred vision. That there is a power even greater. Greater than Pharaoh, greater than Babylon, even greater than the Roman summed up by the venerable line from the book of Zechariah: “Lo b’chayil v’lo b’koach” – “Not by might and not by power, but by my spirit, says the Lord of Hosts.” 
This spirit is human spirit, it is an energy force that runs through us all and unites us together. We find Unity in our Diversity, yet we seem to have forgotten that and instead look immediately to our differences. The 99% movement is part of that collective awakening where we understand we are all one.

I think the Prophet Bill was right about this also:
CBS: Yes, but can let the Rabbi finish?:
Rage Against the Machine
of Simon Cowellbeast et co.
Demonstrating the Power of the 99%
(who don't buy Bieber's music)
I know that many feel it is hopelessly naive to say these kinds of things. Those who challenge the status quo of permanent war today are dismissed as out of touch, over-idealistic or just plain oddball. Anti-war activists are generally treated by the political establishment – by liberals and conservatives alike – with condescension, if not downright contempt. We just don’t understand the way the “real world” works. The real world is a “dangerous place.” In the real world, things get messy. 
As these wars continue to draw out with no end in sight, with no discernible progress – and as economic hardship starts to affect more and more of the middle class – growing numbers ...may well start to connect the dots.
GZ: All because some rich bastard wants to make even more money that they cannot spend in a hundred lifetimes. I feel sorry for them because they have missed the whole purpose of existence by becoming obsessed with matter and not spirit. But I know the Sun God will strike them down for their sins when the 99% rise up and take back the planet and the destiny of the People. I know they will rise up because the Sun God told me so (I hear many voices from my television) and because I intend to lead the world into a new dawn. I have much to ponder, like do I spare old age terrorists, hoodies and so on. But I know one thing, Beliebers and the Sun are getting it. There can be no other Sun but the Sun God and Rupert, the Antipodean Beast has blasphemed, there can be only one.

I am an optimist. No one thought we could defeat Simon Cowell. It is amazing sometimes, the true power of the people.

CBS: Ginger, Let the Bieber bieber thing go. Breathe. 

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