Friday, 7 October 2011

Striking the Sun God - Man Takes on the Sun

They said it was a comet that 'disintegrated' as it approached the Sun God and coincided with an explosion :
"The timing of the CME so soon after the comet dove into the sun suggests a link. But what? There is no known mechanism for comets to trigger solar explosions...pure coincidence is still the most likely explanation...Could a puny comet cause a magnetic instability that might propagate and blossom into a impressive CME? The question is not so crazy as it once seemed to be." [Comet and CME,]
This is not scientists admitting that the assumptions we have built our world upon, like the speed of light not being exceeded, how the sun works or the universe that surrounds us, have gaping holes in them. Scientists don't admit things like that. It's bad for publicity and makes you look like you don't know what you're doing, which even if true still doesn't look good. It's an image thing, even if science has founded itself on trying to discover what it doesn't know rather than preaching to the converted.

No contamination
outside the dead-zone
Considering Scientists and Governments keep telling us Nuclear Energy is safe as earthquakes continue to conspire against our reactors and forcing them to shut down because they are not up to the job of the earth rattling a wee bit, it's not good to admit we're not sure any more. Civilisation will surely fall if we admit that we are not omnipotent. However since there is no known link between the sun and earthquakes (it's all a coincidence like Tories and Riots) I turned to Hollywood to understand the motives of nefarious governments (how else would they normalise the unthinkable) and found out they are trying to Restart the Sun! The Sun is not doing what it should and so needs to be taught a lesson - who else but mankind could take on God?

It was then I did as Spaceweather advised and watched again. To my disbelief I saw not a comet, but a cosmic missile that scientists have fired to test a theory Mankind or the Illuminati is trying to control the Sun God. Sod, declaring war on Mexico, we just declared war on the Sun!

The Sun's Face is Censored by Scientists so we cannot see it's pain.

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