Friday, 11 November 2011

The Power of 42 Incoming!

M1 Coronal Mass Ejection
Image: Spaceweather
 The Sun God has spoken to me and space people have shown me that the prophesy is true:
"Although the eruption was not squarely aimed at Earth, the CME is likely to deliver a glancing blow to our planet's magnetic field on Nov. 11th or 12th. This could add to the impact of another CME already en route. The earlier cloud was propelled by a filament eruption (movie) on Nov. 7th and is also expected to deliver a glancing blow on Nov. 11th." Space Weather
Today is 11/11/11 (11/11/11 in US format) which could well be binary and is very bad news. However for the sake of mankind I shall combat this with my amazing mathematical skill and convert this to the magical 42. I just can't be bothered to write it up at the moment.

But do not doubt me. I know the power of the Sun because a paper announced that there could be a possible link between the Sun (or Aurora) and climate change [as I worship the Sun God I know there is a link - the voice told me after 17 aftershocks]. 

If still you doubt me, mankind raise your weary eyes to the eastern skies and witness the conjunction of Regulus (blue) and Mars (red):
Image: Brendan Alexander, Space Weather Submission
And this barely days after an asteroid flew by and foretold of the changes.  

On the last momentous Friday 21st October 2011, I sent out two great but I haven't been bothered to post that either because the people are not ready for such a message.

What happened on Friday 21st October
As I foretold
Until today. I must again fight the evil that threatens this planet and through the power of the Sun I will show them who is boss. This is all connected. It has been foretold. The suns power will crack open a new Egg and something will emerge to help me in my quest.

GONADS Researcher guarding my discovery
I have a feeling it has something to do with Volcanoes and Bob.

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