Monday, 14 November 2011

New Message from Sungod Revealed*

Solar Gateway. 
Pay Attention the People of Earth for now is the Time to Believe in what I have foreseen.
Solar Weather Readings from NOAA

Brought to you by:
Interpreted by Giggle, Psychic Cloud Sourcing** and using the theories put forward by Agent Arsenal Bob. He is about to discover the Joy of Panda Love.

*If  anyone denies this (and I haven't asked them if I'm honest - I tried psychically but got an engaged tone) then no one will believe them. Belief is a choice. Beliebf is not.
(**) Any links discovered by Psychic Cloud Sources may only exist in their own heads, but that's not the point. The Geek shall inherit the Earth. The Greeks on the other hand have lost their inheritance to the Kraken. He only had to threaten the fallen empire of Rome before the money lenders set up the Tithe by Direct Debit.

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