Friday, 17 February 2012

#OccupyFriday Finding Nemo vs. the Kraken

[Piss] Artists impression of Kraken in search of Proper Gold
GingerZilla EXCLUSIV: Sources have revealed that the Royal Australian Navy (RAN*) have mobilised to protect Nemo and his friends from the Kraken. Other sources have even spoken of Jumping Sharks caused by Global Warning tax.

But even I did not realise the tremendous peril on the other side of the world. Behold:
P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney
Source: @Travelpod by Donne_0
I think we have company, Sydney, Australia
I think we have company
Source: @Travelpod by Tomandhayley in Bobbing along, singing a song....
They (a.k.a. them) have renamed this latest venture policy, Air Tax and plan on grounding the Metal bird, Qantas in case they happen to be smuggling Old People. The hope say informed insiders (who may not exist) is the imposition of a new tax on breathing which will encourage certain old people - probably those in Queen Blighsland** - to save on money in protest and die in the process. Unlike Old Age Terrorists in much of the Northern Hemisphere, OATs 'in Australia are unlikely to freeze soon, geologically speaking. But that does not mean they are safe. Like witches they can - and should - be burned, downed and fed to circling sharks as chum. I have long warned of the dangers we face from Old Age Terrorists and lizards.

Harken, as the Sun[god] is once again quiet, arch baddie the Antipodean Beast, has grown brazen. This media pantomime villain sacrificed his spawn to the wolves at his door, whilst feigning a defence of the sun[newspaper]. He has much bigger fish to fry.

Before the day that darkened our shores, the Sun[god] showed his superior power by creating this afterburner effect from the softness of his orifice breath, to warn us the Beast was heading our way:
Seriously. Is it really just a coincidence that the Sun[god] sends stark warnings mere moments, geologically speaking, before A Beast arrives on the shores of these Bastard Isles? Did anyone listen when I comedically warned of his coming? Did the earth shake beneath the feet of Rome? And why has no one mentioned the Cold and Spellbinding words of NADA, my official source no less, who revealed: 
A special night to look is Saturday, Feb. 25th, when the crescent Moon moves in to form a slender heavenly triangle (sky map)....This arrangement will be visible all around the world, from city and countryside alike. The Moon, Venus and Jupiter are the brightest objects in the night sky; together they can shine through urban lights, fog, and even some clouds...[they] continue their relentless convergence until, on March 12th and 13th, the duo lie only three degrees apart***—a spectacular double beacon in the sunset sky (sky map). Now you’ll be able to hide them together behind a pair of outstretched fingertips. 
* not to be confused with 'RUN!' which the natives of the land down under known well. It is a word the whole country has grown up with, according to some source at least. Indeed malicious allegations, totally denied, have been thrown in their direction for centuries. In retaliation they invaded pom pubs in a daring criminal enterprise**
** not to be confused with Auz Rock
*** 3 Days before the Ides of March. There is uncertainty about the precise date due to the leap year - a man made abomination. Therefore the convergence will be on the Ides 2012 for artistic predictive purposes.

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