Monday, 20 February 2012

Hiding the Shitstorm..*

As a devout Hixian, I often feel language is underrated. The language spoken in these Bastard Isles evolved into a multi headed beast, fed on the blood of our ancestors and various [illegal] alien space invaders who don't speak the same lingo. One of those cunning lingual influences has a distinct Germanic flavour.
leaked movie poster
World Famous Hybrid Jumping  Global Warning Sharks

We at GingerZilla have always been pro German, just not on the football pitch. There is mutual respect, understanding and a feeling of having the flesh creep whenever the French are around. The Bastards know who would stand with them through flak and fest. Especially if there's beer involved. Any German could happily pass the Citizenship Test I have proposed. There are many traits we share with our cousins. 
Shitstorm fills a gap in the German vocabulary that has become apparent through changes in the culture of public debate.” Shitstorm 'best English gift to German language' 
I am glad that our German brothers understand the threat and immense predictive power of the Kraken. We shall continue to settle our differences with our German brothers on the pitch, but we shall meet the French on the battlefields. 
The borrowing of words is a natural process that occurs in any language** 
The Kraken is rumoured to be linked with Global Warning Sharks
He is confused why the world wants to trade in carbon not gold
However, whereas language was an organic process took decades and centuries now our digital words and thoughts are carried instantaneously around the world. In moments, twits grow in chorus and waves of sound are repeated from thoughts and from lips. We should not rejoice for this digital revolution but be fearful. It's what any government or advertiser wants. Fear.

My Monkeys are online and they have to outwit poisonous lizards - I know this I once practised Nintendo however I was more spiritually drawn to Nokando and did not complete my studies. I also happen to know a Bonobo will lead them and teach them mystical sexual techniques. I have seen the power of this sexual force and shall raise the spirit of the goatboy to do a few knob gags. My audience demands it.

So now is the time where the world must turn itself upside down before it can be righted, so it can sing and laugh once more. This world is not real. It's just a ride and we can choose  get off at any time.

P.S. If your story is good enough, you don't need to make shit up to embellish it any more, sometimes the facts are enough, but not always. It's all about the delivery, especially when there is no content involved.

* or maybe not.
** and online as my cut and paste jobs can testify to. It is what humans have done since the seed of consciousness was planted in our yielding minds. There is no such thing as original. Copyrighted Problem only start when we forget where we came from, which statistically is most likely after Friday refreshments.

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