Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Beaten to Death by Technology: Old Age Terror Plot Stopped

Wicked French Sheep: Like piranhas old people's pensions eat your flesh. 
This morning the two shows ran simultaneously. Why? Was too much thought needed to stagger two watchable shows? TV stations too greedy to manage or justify their appendage off-shoots should do us all a favour and relinquish ownership.Les Johns Old Age Insurgent - Gold Coast Division 
Les it doesn't really matter any more, You can watch online, on a +1 channel, on demand or on your phone. It's free by virtue of adverts projectile vomited at you until you exist out of time and reality. Why manufacture pacifiers when you can create them 'virtually' with a click?*

The scheduling is designed to disorientate which can only be a good thing as we do not want idle pensioners Old Age Terrorists (with undeserved time on their hands) coherent - far too dangerous. No, mollify them with machines, prescription drugs for 'ailments' and squeeze the last juices of productivity from them before they expire.

Seriously Les, harken to the words of our Bastard Overlords;
"Retired people should work for their pensions, says Lord Bichard. The fact that pensioners already have worked for their pension, by definition, doesn't detain him. Pensioners are a "negative burden" on the state, who need to be "incentivised" into doing jobs that young people could do for a wage. 
The interesting thing about Bichard is that he isn't some rabid Tory. He is a cross-bench peer, a technocratic former senior civil servant who worked closely with the last Labour government. His suggestion was raised in the context of discussions between politicians, bureaucrats and Bank of England experts on the state's response to demographic change."
*I noticed our new fangled digital tv has a few seconds delay over the analogue system. Quadzillions are made in those nano seconds in the digital reality (Farmville shares - sell!!!). Imagine the fun you could have in that moment where the sheep(**) blink and realise they are about to be eaten.
(**) sheep should not be taken lightly as this documentary shows (and countries - quite rightly - have been bombed for less evidence than this);

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