Wednesday, 31 October 2012

America Mobilises Crack Squid as Kraken Invades Japan

Enter the Kraken
(Reuters) - Japan and the United States will hold a biennial joint military exercise in Japan in November in a move likely to further anger China* amid heightened tensions between the two Asian giants over disputed(**) islets in the East China Sea.

About 37,400 military personnel from Japan will join some 10,000 U.S. troops in the November 5-16 drill, an official at Japan's Self-Defence Forces said.
This is the official 'cover story' and therefore contains only vague elements of truth such as using the English alphabet. Before you dive behind the sofa fearing this is one of the opening acts of World War IV no war is planned despite the fervent cries for blood by the Asian Tigers(i)
Japan claims the [disputed Diaoyutai] islands are the sovereign territory of Japan, and blames growing Chinese military aggression in the South China Sea as cause for the growing rift.

That said, [Chinese defense minister Gen. Liang] Guanglie warned  Beijing could take military action against Japan if the country continues to assert its claim to the island chain, which lies off the coastlines of Japan, China and Taiwan in the contentious(i) South China Sea. DOD: US, Japan wargames not driven by Chinese threat

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These 'exercises' are not war games or predictable shows of strength by the Traids and Yakuza. The truth is alluded to by rumours Jackie and Arnie are trying to get in bed together
Chan/Schwarzenegger Lovechild?
To amass such a force in peace time leads me to wildly speculate a far greater threat exists and that can only mean they are preparing for the Kraken, as I warned many moons ago. There is still time.
What the Mainstream Media still  refuse to show the public.
* which as a threat to world peace and if reports in the media are anything to go by is a place full of slanty eyed Kung Fu Lee's - and the occasional scary henchman with a beard spinning knives. It is for this reason, where my prejudice outweighs any burden of proof, that we must treat them with extreme levels of suspicion in case they slip a beloved pet in the stir-fry.
(**) this is not the same as the cries of Asian Tigers for the blood of Asians trying to palm them off as medicine.
(ii) when a burglar is caught in the act the police and justice system will be unable to act if you claim the silverware in your hands is of 'disputed' and 'controversial' ownership. The legal term is 'technicality' which loosely translates as 'fuck you too'

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