Saturday, 3 March 2012

Old Age Terrorists Choking the life out of NHS

The Usual Suspects at the New Coalition's Ill Gotten Feast
I can exclusively reveal there is a plot to murder death kill the NHS.

Lizard the Dave has been holding secret dinners with Angela Landsbury and Profit George. This is no innocent soiree, but a dastardly plan to divide up the Health Service treasure. Ms Landsbury has no apparent vested interests in these matters* but I can exclusively reveal she is none other than Jessica Fletcher, arch wrinkly of daytime television.

She has been linked to thousands of deaths in her illustrious career and has been called in as a specialist adviser for the treasury who are reeling from the recent Spurtinacan revolt by an army of twits. It is hoped Jessica's sleuthing skills will uncover any plot by the people to take the NHS back into full public ownership and out of the hands of the Market owners. It is hoped this delay tactic will turn the tide in the Coalitions favour as their opponents in the general public unburden themselves of their parasitic dependence on the welfare state and die.
The current state of affairs is clearly not fair and nor is it fair that tax payers are paying a middle man when they can pay private enterprise directly. Most of the population are aware of, but need to be told repeatedly until they agree with, private enterprises' righteous fear that the NHS is undead. The only way to kill this great vampire is to let  share holders consume the public purse.  We must be wary of views in the media tainted by pro vampire leanings, as this clearly shows;
I fear, greatly, that the Health and Social Care Bill will be rubber-stamped by MPs - and not least because of the degree of financial interests that our Honorable Members (sometimes its hard to say that without laughing) have a stake in Asif
Of course, this is all wrong. Instead of having private meetings with the private schooled, who naturally favour private solutions, why not opt for the simplest solution? The post war baby boom has become a noose around the neck. Old People clog up the arteries of the economy and they are doing the same to our health service:
Santa is not wanted at the table
Rather than looking to point fingers at those who have the most to gain from a privatised NHS, we must question interrogate those who have the most to lose, especially if we  all  have to start paying for prescriptions. Why should taxpayers have to bear this burden? Why should children have medicines that the rest of have to pay for? Why should we have to pay for other people's genetic and economic inferiority and frailty? Have they not heard of insurance? Have they not recognised their unworthyness

Since the scaremongering cold didn't materialise this season - or at least anywhere that mattered reporting -  far too many old people have survived the winter. That should be concerning us as we approach the time when the earth bears us fruits. Do we want fruits withered and soured before they have even ripened? Can we let a few rotten apples, spoil the feast for the rest of us the chosen who are thankful for the scraps that fall down from the table? There are some, communist rats if my sources are right, who would demand that we all sit at the table together and put aside our differences. Seriously would you invite a smelly hobo to have a meal with you knowing he will rape you, steal your money and probably have sex with your dog.(i)

Despite an assault on Facebook and other media, old gits are not yet clogging up Twitter which could be why Spurtinacan has slipped beneath their radar
"this is what this person...costs the Community

...Fellow Citizen, that is your money, too"
I have sat back and watched our Coalition Government surpass itself in its campaign of terror against some of the most needy in our society...Cultural observers could not fail to notice the similiarites [sic] between what is taking place here towards sick, disabled, elderly or any group perceived to be vulnerable and weak and what occurred in Hitler's Germany. 
This may not be ethnic cleansing that we are witnessing - and some are already experiencing - but it's a type of cleansing all the same. 
[Daily Mail This is not wartime Nazi Germany and Cameron's attacks on the vulnerable and needy must be stopped]
although I cannot rule out a wrinkled hand guiding this rebellion. If you've watched Star Wars, you'll know you never can. But we can always rest with the assurance that there are no Problems, only Solutions

* it is entirely possible, for legal purposes, that Ms Landsbury has become a literary concept like every other character in my world. It should therefore be acknowledged that the former Ms Fletcher, as she is known, has strong east coast connections with gold and mutiny, therefore for illustrative purposes she is fair comment.
(**)More unsettling allegations have hinted at the money saved being used to create a secret army of book burners, but this may just be wild speculation without any source of truth designed to unsettle and keep us all afraid, when we all know there is nothing to fear but the Kraken
(ii) GONADS have informed me the dog wouldn't mind as long as there is a treat involved.

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