Wednesday, 9 October 2013

British Badgers in Dodgy Charity Scandal

It may seem like a government conspiracy, truth revealed by a careless slip of the tongue. But if we take a moment to consider this, moving goalposts is what opponents of truth consider an artform. In times of sockpuppetry watch for the hidden hand about to slap you in the face. The government are not telling us the real story here. This goes much deeper. Behold
if ClarkSun respects the Honey Badger, so must we respect all badgers, for they have Black and White holes. There will be no Badger cull.[*] I am not negotiating on this one. Even a squadron of B52s cannot take them down.
It is quite possible that our beloved Badgers have been receiving overseas funding from obscure Honey Badger charities funnelling funds out of Bongo Bongo land

[**] it is perfectly acceptable to kill drunken maraudingvvasps especially on cool mornings when they may be nursing hangovers.

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