Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Kraken Turns on Profit George

Hi I'm George, 
Closet Book Burner
The Profit George is a false prophet! I believed that he was collecting the tithe for the Kraken so gave him the benefit of the doubt. Now I have have more than doubts as I know he is the repressed alter ego of a closet Book Burner! His venom against books and learning is an anathema. As common decency does not allow him to burn books openly, despite the valiant efforts of the Daily Mail, he is launching a simultaneous war of attrition on education and understanding. Not that I blame him, education has got so bad you might as well start again. Think of all the shopping centres that could be built in school buildings and libraries. Children prefer them to school anyway so why not combine them and cut red tape? It's only fair?
In an attempt to keep heating bills down
Faithful troops followed George's Orders
The Destruction of Libraries is something normally associated with totalitarian regimes or despots who fear that giving access to knowledge will allow the populace to see how dimwitted their ideas really are. However in the man's defence he is an upperclass twit of immense proportions.

He simply doesn't realise what he is doing, as he has one simple thought. He justifies his actions in an austere money saving cloche but under the calm clipped exterior burns a hatred and lack of understanding of books . The first thing that pops into his head will involve burning books. The people would be horrified if this policy was eased upon the prim conciousness of the Bastard Isles. It was this that helped him come up with burning poor people for winter fuel.
Alternative Energy Sources
A quick and easy way to reduce NHS waiting times
If he is not stopped he will let the Kraken loose upon us all. The Kraken may be Greek but he likes things written down. Does he not know this? I believe he bears a false mark; that of 555 as Slipknot predicted. It was on that 555 day in infamy when he was initiated as Shadow Chancellor and held the Shadow's Box. The Shadow of course being the mortal enemy of Mongolian Warriors throughout time.
How many people felt after reading Tony Bliar's best seller:
See no evil, hear no evil, just speak evil
I have no proof that he is working with the 1% of beliebers at this time as he has never publicly denied or confirmed my theory, but I have made no secret of my antipathy for the 1% and the suffering they inflict upon our aural sphere. I want to change the frequency and channel. On Mark Twain's birthday let me say to beliebers:

May you reap the winds of the pain you sow, 
May it consume your flesh as it has your soul,
May the sands of time run out for you,
For all the pain you put us through,
Oh God forgive me, 
For these thoughts I have

You are the Reflection of this Life we're in, 
Drowning in the Misery of your Tide, 
Salvation found by Praying to a Neon Light, 
That promises to save. 
But never saves. 

Life that lights the way begins to fade,
Blinded by those things in life that you crave,
You wish it all away for a dream,
That if you can't have,
No one can.

You are the Reflection..

Rancid thoughts of hate that roll through your head,
Leave the words 
from your tongues unsaid,
The Pain that you Spread to Break Free,
It won't go away,
If hate, not Love is your way.

You are the Reflection..*

*1001 Uses for Threads, Copyright Craig Mitchell
taken from the album Cosmetic Brain Surgery

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