Monday, 2 January 2012

Peanuts** or One Small* Problem with Dave's Big Society

Lorraine Kelly's Growler receives an award 
yet the completely innocent (iii)  Jeremy Clarkson gets no credit for lending the government a distracting hand

In this day and age it is getting harder to tell jokes without someone being offended. I am regularly offended by perfume adverts far more than I am offended by Mr. Hilter [especially from @4:01, below]. Regular readers of this blog will know that nothing is new under the Sun[god], therefore it should come as no surprise that Graham Chapman's portrayal of a Conservative MP [from @6:15, below], like the portrayal of class on the Frost Report,  is just as true today as it was then some five sun cycles ago
However, it is not right nor proper that hard working defenders of the Kraken, such as Stockbroker Oliver, are still cruelly ridiculed more than four decades on.
** According to Bonobo sources all apes prefer bananas
* Beware of small old people, they are not to be approached.
(iii) of some of the things he is accused of.

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