Friday, 6 December 2013

#SPACEPORN EXCLUSIVE: Lovejoy's Back - Wanted for Questioning by Operation YouTree* ...and Scotland

Villagers preparing to defend themselves.
Cinderella is once fabled to have said "the more things change the more they stay the same". I have often said myself same shit, different day although it is quite possible if I had the winter vomiting bug, known as the Bloody Nora Virus, I may have said different shit, same day

Two years ago the phalluses that run the New World Order were fucking us and whispering sweet words about beating the holy fuck out of us if we didn't bend over and take it. The reason was because they wanted to fire their missiles. Behold;
the Coalition Against Scylla Haters (CASH) have launched another attempt to control the source of our power. This time however the Sungod was ready and deflected the so called 'Comet Lovejoy*' but showed mercy by letting it live.
Because you didn't listen to my words many will be wondering how the fuck this happens
Space Rocket sighted over Northern Ireland before pounding.
But it gets worse. This time THREE rockets are clearly shown as being fired at the Sun[god] including a resurrected Lovejoy and the ISON/ISOFF 'comet' which is now just a fragmented lump of metal parts - which as any ballistics expert will know contains bomb making material. Space rockets are very bad things and portend doom DOOM!

What comes from the east is always bad.
Indeed did I not warn
This is the continuation of an ancient battle between the forces of darkness and those of light. Every word spoken merely repeats what has been said before. A human microphone that passes through time, which may or may not exist. These are ancient memories not lost to mankind, we cannot forget ourselves.
Now two years ago as this Lovejoy missile was captured on camera, Scotland was noisily trying to leave a marriage of convenience and was punished by God for their impudence. Indeed did I not warn
If Scottish Salmon continues the demand for independence then further punishment will be met out.
You'd think with another winter storm giving them a bloody good slap, the Scots would have got the message by now. Although if I'm being honest, they'll never know the real truth as the media care so little for them some dead African bloke and flooded sheep worriers are gaining more news coverage.

* I am greatly confused by this yewtree, which I believe could have links to cold Russians sticking pointy things in trees. It could well be linked to hockey sticks which some have been suggested should be shoved up the fat arse of Mann, however whilst he may threaten to sue me he is a Kraken denier and therefore fair game.
ALL IMAGES: Spaceweather

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