Thursday, 15 December 2011

Badger Caught in Honey Trap

troops blamed for 'badger' plague

lydmalende [onomatopoeic]
This is an outrage! Even if this Daily Telegraph story is over four years why should I be excluded from showing rage now that I've just found out? The media are full of such story rehashing and as a proud but unemployed tabloid journo wannabe, I claim the right to follow in their footsteps by staying at home or going down the pub. How else am I expected to find sources? Right now I am stuck indoors. It is not safe to go out due to the incoming threat from the North and the cold winds are blowing hard over these Bastard Isles.

Many Europeans are speculating that this is God showing his displeasure for our independent streak - the same spirit the Scottish Salmon is showing. Looking at yourself in the mirror and taking the blame is an overrated experience. We obviously can't have it both ways unless...we blame Europe which is pretty close to being shafted from both ends. But I don't want to talk about Europe.

Unlike the reds, I am not outraged at the troops. Unlike the blues I am not outraged for the troops, and I am certainly not going to sulk in the corner and hope someone notices me, which is a distinctly yellow strategy. This is a distinctly Tribal Reaction by the People. I know this as I am sort of grey as Black and White runs through my veins and I feel the Panda+Love. Blaming Europe is something I have learned to appreciate with time - which is running short as my followers should know by now. Europe causes many ills, not limited to europop. But this not about blaming Europe from your armchair so I won't talk about Europe any more. This is about badgers!

How dare ANYONE besmirch a badger!
He was only looking for Honey

If ClarkSun respects the Honey Badger, so must we respect all badgers, for they have Black and White holes. There will be no Badger cull. I am not negotiating on this one. Even a squadron of B52s cannot take them down. I have video evidence:
If only I bring them together, they may be able to defeat the Kraken when he is released by the dark forces of beleibf.

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