Tuesday, 13 December 2011

#OccupyTuesday: @LudditeDave < Message in Mudbrick

Probably made from Worm Poo
I mistakenly called Dave the Lizard, Profit. He is a Luddite, believing that when you remove the miasma the problem goes away. Sometimes this works as there are millions of beliebers their enfeebled minds incapable of defending themselves against bullshit. What worries me is that he is increasing his power over his mindless twits. he sucks out their very souls when they follow him. he is the one that must be destroyed. he doesn't even care for the 1% of belibers, as they have no souls.* In any war, Zombies and Grunts are always an expendable commodity. We really do not have long to prepare and the Luddite Dave is wasting time appeasing the Kraken, not fulfilling him. It may be too late for Dave. He will be denied the golden shower and was right to suspect European forces were conspiring against him, but for the wrong reasons. 
Now the Sungod sends Dave a message wrapped in a mud brick. The Sungod has not been happy with the Lizard Prince who draws increasingly bad omens. Previous subtle hints in the form of the weather phenomena sail right over Dave's head. Hence the need for a mud brick. He cannot save the Kraken. He cannot save the City. Only I can. 

I have predicted 12:12 for 3 months now. It is the Death Star Code. Christmas, the darkest time of year is coming. The evidence is overwhelming and I am not subject to Freedom of Disinformation. I have my own sources of Disinformation. I don't make the rules I have guidelines and crampons that will stop me from blowing away, although I may lay off the beans in future. I'm just telling you guys how you are going to live your lives if you want to survive. It's the prophet Panda in me. I have called upon great forces with my Ginger Alchemy. These winds, the storms of our millennia are proof:
A third storm, [due to hit] Thursday night and early Friday, local time, could be the strongest of the three, at least for London and southern areas, with respect to wind and rain. [from verifiable American source]
[1+2] is the strongest of the three is the magic number but 42 is the number. They are not binary numbers they are pure. I know this. Backwards yoghurt taught me. It is so simple, even the Book Burning Profit George will understand. There is another way. 

Let us pump up the volume in the crazy, crazy nights ahead. We can always fight this miasma ourselves, finding strength and courage from each other. We all need love. That may have been what got us through 24 cycles ago. 

* Just in case we are not clear here. They have no souls. I don't know how to put them back in just yet. If we are to save our world I don't think I can save their souls. Besides if they have no souls it shouldn't count against me. Think of it like a badger cull, only no badgers get harmed. 

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