Tuesday, 13 March 2012

the Death Moon

The Empire's Destroyer
It's Uncanny
To some it looks like the fossilised remains of the notorious super weapon. This is a possible cousin of the Death Star but is not related to the Death Star Code. As it does not contain the sacred numbers - according to the Theory of Bob - it can only be evil and has no redeeming features.

I know this because Moons are vital to interpreting the cosmic order as can clearly be seen in this picture: 
#AugurPorn or The Sun[god] gets Mooned
In response to this insult the Sun[god] has shown it's displeasure after an affront from this moon by sending several smelly ones in our direction in an attempt to show the moon what for. One particular angry orifice 
unleashed an X5 class flare (the second largest of this solar cycle) and a smaller one (X1) late on March 6, 2012, seen in extreme ultraviolet light by the SDO spacecraft. The bright flare (with several smaller flashes) was followed by a large coronal mass ejection that smacked Earth with a moderately strong geomagnetic storm two days later. [NASA SDO]
There was a slow build up to this eruption, possibly enhanced by reds being in opposition and two horny planetary gods displaying themselves. I don't think the moon is done because every time I look around me all I can see are lunatics!

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