Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Rabbit Killing Newt Goes Free

Why did no one else listen when 
My Chemical Romance
Run Bunny, Run?
[Artists impression*]
I am disgusted that there has not been an uprising by sane thinking Americans after Newt Gingrich recently said 
There are lots of bunny rabbits to run through, I am the tortoise.
This not just telling the world he is a lizard, which is shocking enough, but he has explicitly admitting that he has premeditated the heinous crime of running over cute bunnies like these:

Two rabbits multiplied during the exposure of this picture from wikipedia
 rather than the mangy pests like these 
Image via wikipedia
sourced by GONADS for a Cat Free Future(**)
which I would agree with.

Oh so still, are they ill?
Cute or not, it is also possible these rabbits have myxomatosis and deserve to be run over by Newt, which would create much needed jobs for the economy. 

It is also possible Newt was offended by rabbits having more sex outside of marriage than he is. 

* Image Credits: DonkeyHotey (Newt), Wikipedia (Car+Rabbit), Mashup Ginger[Zilla] (cut and paste work) 
(**) GONADS would like me to affirm that they have no financial interest in the extermination of cats and have offered this service free. According to their spokesmutt, it is scientific FACT that the extermination of cats would be beneficial for mankind, ushering in a new dawn, and that the benefits for dogs are vastly overstated. 

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