Sunday, 18 March 2012

#VolcanoPorn Spurting

Krakatau a sign of blocked spurtage
The Kraken is vital to the rhythms of the Great Earth Mother.
and spurting.
Traditional beliefs about volcanoes

Many ancient accounts ascribe volcanic eruptions to supernatural causes, such as the [hard] actions of gods or demigods. To the ancient Greeks, volcanoes' capricious power could only be explained as acts of the gods, while 16th/17th-century German astronomer Johannes Kepler believed they were ducts for the Earth's tears.
Tvash spurting.
I'd like to thank the telescopic robot mule New Horizons who took this photo.
Robots never seem to get enough appreciation.
Except for the legendary Bender and Kryten.
"Sequence of five images taken by NASA's New Horizons probe on March 1st 2007, over the course of eight minutes from 23:50 UT. The images form an animation of an eruption by the Tvashtar Paterae volcanic region on the innermost of Jupiter's Galilean moonsIo. The plume is 330 km high, though only its uppermost half is visible in this image, as its source lies over the moon's limb on its far side." [Wikipedia]
Spurting and electricity
Indonesia - Lombok: Mount Rinjani
Photographer: Oliver Spalt

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