Saturday, 25 February 2012

#AugurPorn or The Sun[god] gets Mooned

The emoticon for surprise/shock generally looks like this
That this face was pulled by the Sun[god] was no surprise considering it had a moon in it's face. The only question is was the Sun offended or was this just some cheap plug, organised by the Sun and Moon[god]s to show us what is coming?
On 17th February I warned about this sort of thing and the Kraken although if I'm honest I mainly warned about the Kraken. But I did throw some hints too


Jupiter is overrated and no life exists there. 
Try Europa**
A special night to look is Saturday, Feb. 25th, when the crescent Moon moves in to form a slender heavenly triangle #OccupyFriday Finding Nemo vs. the Kraken
It's all about reading the augurs in the heavens
You've met the Greeks, The Trojans are coming 
"As for why Jupiter failed to become a star--it probably had to do with the accident of the sun grabbing most of the mass early in the formation of the solar system, while in other systems the mass was more equitably distributed; in binary* star systems, for example, the masses of the stars are commonly roughly equal. Stellar formation is a hot topic of current research, as astronomers are trying to fathom the still-mysterious details of the birth process.
* be thankful I did not omit this system. I am merciful in my use of language. 
** (Atlantis), the ancestral home of the Kraken. Global Positioning Sharks: turn left at Io, travel 200,000 miles take the exit right of Ganymede there you will find Jupiter. Continue down past Jupiter until you reach the water planet where beneath the surface of the icy waters,  the great Watership of the Kraken. You have reached your Final Destination.

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