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Death and Taxes the Continuing Adventures of the Kraken

Bob has deciphered this BBC news item on the Tithe
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Under current legislation and loopholes in the law, some people are able to shirk their responsibilities and do not contribute to society. This is NOT fair. 
With a possible harsh winter on the way (the met office said it's 'unlikely' which had me immediately reaching for my thermal underwear) and fuel and food prices continuing to go up, thus defying Newton's law of gravity, the government have made plans. This should not surprise anyone as governments always make plans, like how much money they will make when they leave office as a rewards for services rendered to the Kraken. My sources have told me of the government's plans to reboot the economy by switching it on and off a few times. In case this doesn't work, due to corrupt system files, then rather than getting a new economy with a clean operating system they have a back up plan. 

Dead but Debt Free?
Whilst many argue that current Tory plans generally involve the siphoning off of large funds so that we can continue to pay the tithe to the Kraken in the hope of the promised golden shower trickling down, plans are being made to ensure that our increasing mountain of debt is repaid. To show that the government are indeed listening to the people they are going to make it a key aim to go after these selfish bastards no matter how much they try and avoid their responsibilities. Of course I do not mean the bankers who are misguided but are hard-working as opposed to the feckless undeserving poor, benefit scroungers and fraudsters, those claiming disability and the Old Age Terrorists who threaten our freedoms and clog up the economy and doctors waiting rooms. Whilst the government are working hard to stop anyone claiming benefits and are hoping another harsh winter will dwindle the number of old people considerably, some elements within the party feel that this is not enough. We all have to pull together.

As the recession/depression continues to bite it has been noted by medical sources at the Lancet that:
Suicide rates have risen sharply across Europe...Britons fared worse than average, with an 8 per cent rise in suicides between 2007 and 2009 – a shock after almost a decade of annual declines...The mental health of people in countries worst hit by the crisis such as Ireland and Greece suffered most. In Greece, 16 per cent more people killed themselves in 2009 than 2007, a large increase...The Irish have suffered a similar fate, with a 13 per cent rise as people face up to home repossessions and dire long-term prospects. [The Independent, Suicide rates rise as debt and cuts take their toll]
Recently more shocking figures in India have come to light as:
MORE than 250,000 farmers have killed themselves in India, many by drinking pesticide, because of bad debts. The staggering number – the largest recorded wave of suicides in history – has taken place in just 16 years and amounts to almost 16,000-per-year. The suicides rate is so dramatic it threatens India's stability and future development. [Wow News, 250,000 farmers commit suicide in India – largest wave of suicides in history]
Allowing people to die means they often remain unpunished and are taking the easy way out of their responsibilities and debts to the rest of society. This is NOT fair. 

Some communists have tried to link the tremendous disgust and dissatisfaction towards the financial elite,  rather than placing the blame on the those trying to evade their debts in death. They also fundamentally fail to understanding the important work being done to keep the Kraken at bay. I fully support any measure to ensure that these moral degenerates are not able to cheat the system in death, in the same way you cannot murder a spouse just to claim on the insurance. These dead under the bed traitors have suggested that the system, which rewards our financial priests for their hard work appeasing the Kraken is 'corrosive'. I can tell them that my sources have informed me it is not nearly as corrosive or destructive as the Kraken. Behold: 
An Artist's impression of the Kraken.
A sequel to this film is planned for 2012.
Wrath of the Titans will not feature the Kraken.
The people 'can't handle the truth'.
The Kraken cannot handle not getting his Tithe.
I am hoping my plug for this film will mean I get rewarded
I am also hoping to be spared His wrath
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