Monday, 31 October 2011

Old Age Terrorists Part Four# Maggie's Benefit Fraud

The Economic Axis of Evil - Look How Old they Are
"Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has claimed £535,000 of taxpayers' money over the last five years, government records have shown." [Margaret Thatcher claims £535,000 for ex-PM duties BBC News]

Sources tell me senior Tory Party figures
Regularly wank over this portrait
Baroness Thatcher is 86 and many Argentinians would testify to her being a bona fide terrorist. She practically declared war on Liverpool, Wapping and almost every industry she could get her grubby hands on. She also pleaded to free General Augusto Pinochet who started the original 9/11 terrorist atrocity and was by most accounts a complete bastard guilty of serious crimes against humanity - most notably by showing that the free market works when backed up by military dictatorship. His only saving grace was he was 'our kind of dictator' which is why Thatcher and Reagan loved him so. That, if I understand it right, is supporting terrorism and her attempt to have him freed from house arrest makes her an attempted harbourer of terrorists. She is also a former chemist which means we should be kicking down her door not funding her lunacy! 

This begs the question why she is paid over £100k per year compared to the average state pension of just over £5k. First of all how is this sponger allowed to get away with it? Even Tony Bliar is at it claiming £169,076 "more than his Downing Street salary." It's not like he doesn't have a job as a middle man for arms dealing and getting paid to tell us who we should bomb next. But whilst he is an international criminal of the highest order for committing crimes against humanity and deliberately lying to parliament, he is not yet that old. 
Old People plotting to destroy the world for generations
Whilst some would argue a true mark of a society is how we treat the weakest, I don't think this counts with old people. Governments have been quite consistent in this by consistently lowering respect, standards and the pension if we look at it in terms of allowing more old people to needlessly die each year. I am concerned about this lack of foresight in government policy as without internment, charities are able to portray these evil coffin dodgers as completely innocent! It may be an extreme view seeing octogenarians in this way, but I didn't see anyone complaining last century when these geriatric nuclear backed terrorists were threatening the world with their Cold 'willy waving' War.

Now that politicians are younger we live in a much safer world. Or so I thought. The UK Guardian exclusively revealed that David Cameron is a lizard, which may be a side effect of coming into direct contact with the Kraken. No one is safe from the Kraken and his tithe demands. I also know that Obama is the Anti-Christ because I have Republican sources who have told me so. They have also pointed to the record number of declared natural disasters as a sign of God's will. They are also deeply upset that Obama sends poor Americans half way round the world just to die for a pointless cause when true patriots want an up close and personal war with Mexico. Not only is the broadcast signal better on the 24 hour live feed for Snuff Vision, it offers a great revenue stream for advertisers and saves a fortune in petrol. Besides sometimes it's nice to have a holiday closer to home and be able to cycle up to the border and lob grenades at anyone trying to cross. Why hunt bears when you can hunt Mexicans? 

The threat Old People pose is unprecedented and we cannot at this stage rule anything out, although I may take a leaf out of the Prophet Bills Book of Dark Poetry: 

In Part 5 of my quest I find even more evidence of this vast conspiracy of old codgers and I may have a solution, inspired by our governments, now that winter is coming. 

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