Monday, 12 December 2011

Bob Sauce: WeatherGeddingit

The Bastard Isles to be shown who is King
General Confusion to reign
Mostly at the Met Office

There is always hope. I know the Death Star Code. I worship the Sungod of these Bastard Isles*. He has told me to release the Panda but no one will help me. They are confused by beliebf. he performed ancient rituals to release the winds. he will release the Kraken upon the earth. But there is still time. Science sources have confirmed that time will not always exist. There is also a strong possibility we may not exist. This is the time of great general confusion. The time before coffee.
Opinions founded on prejudice
are always sustained with the greatest violence
Hebrew Proverb

I may not be able to communicate much over the next few days. There are great storms in the heavens as ancient forces do battle. But fear not weary believers even though Double Monday comes.
I have come to tell you Spring will come; 

“When winter’s icy claw has gripped its last,
And the night’s dark throes have all but past,
When birds return from some far distant land,
To settle on this sceptred isle of shimmering sand,
When the sun blaze bright in days so long,
And the raven’s dirge is swallowed in song,
When trees blossoms explodes colours on high,
Ah! Such infinite beauty, brings a tear to the eye”
©Craig Mitchell 1994
* The weather is often a bitch. We can all be bastards. We're all to blame. It is time for the world to move on. 

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