Saturday, 6 April 2013

Scrounging Murdering Benefit Cheats

Caught in the Act!
The Government and Pensioners.
On 555 he that was ushered forth as a high priest of the economy took a vow. Gideon the Profligate Profit promised to serve the Great Orifice in defence of the Kraken. Alas he has been distracted by what falsely glitters and the promise of a job as a frontman for the Goldman that sacks towns, cities and bank accounts.
It is his gross incompetence to manage the job in hand (vis. to act as the Night Watchman of the Apocalypse) or rather his ability to perform the job of crashing the economy and crushing the poor so well that calls for a drastic distraction technique of linking poor people to the mass murders normally reserved for Princes, Diplomats and prolific female Serial Killers.
#Juxtaposition #JustSayin
"In a week where people claiming benefit have been smeared by the chancellor, the fact of the matter is that it's not people on benefits who are scrounging off the taxpayer, it's businesses." Leaked internal document appears to promote the use of unpaid jobseekers to reduce company payroll costs
Until Gingers are protected no one is safe.

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