Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Profit George in Tax Dodge Shocker

Is Profit George seriously suggesting immoral financial conjuring tricks - which puts him in the shady league with starbucks? This is not bad, it is bowel churning evil-bad. In light of the distinct media silence on this subject I can only conclude there is clearly nothing to see El Hierro. However I feel obliged to put a case forward for the defence.
So why would Profit George suggest that old age terrorists on a pension should be at the mercy of the care system? Why should tax payers have to foot an even larger wedge for these spongers and let Profit George and his book burning comrades in arms make more money? Obviously the Profit was speaking in less austere times when things were clearly not fair as private enterprise was not allowed to cannibalise the welfare state. 

Getting Fucked

Now with the crisis of a triple sherbet dip recession and the sheath of protection offered by the previous government a distant memory, we must take action.* Sources who refuse to be named have said the NHS may now be pregnant and will have to be aborted by killing the mother (NHS). Whilst infanticide is unpalatable, in or out of the womb, this will be no poster child and the public/private hybrid may well look something like this. Behold;
If we are killing the NHS, which is dying only because old people are chocking the life out of it with their demands, then we must ensure care homes have the same commitment to ridding ourselves of this grey plague. Care homes are denizens of death for the elderly just like hospital corridors. So what Profit George has proposed is not only a very efficient way of transferring wealth[i] but has the added bonus of culling the elderly in a voter friendly way. This is obviously not as good as burning old people for much needed winter fuel but these small steps were suggested sometime ago. It also wasn't as cold back then. I do believe Profit George was onto something. If the neglect doesn't kill them there is hope the isolation just might. 
* although the end result is we are still getting fucked but I do not wish to get into semantics. 
 [ii] which will be used for the tithe as avid readers will know.

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