Friday, 11 January 2013

Greedy Bastards

The Chancellors secret training manual.
[MPs] said they deserved an £86,250 salary in an anonymous survey conducted by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa)...the research also found more than a third think they should keep final salary pensions the survey found that 69% thought they were underpaid on their current salary of £65,738 BBC
I say that we should hear the poverty stricken pleas of our honourable members. In the time honoured tradition of budget giveaways* the money must come from somewhere else. With not much left of the family silver to flog at cash converters we should take away all their added extras like newspaper columns, directorships and all the golden handshakes they receive into perpetuity when they move on from politics and are fully welcomed [allegedly] into the arms of insider trading plc as opposed to the current policy of 'if we don't see it happening it didn't happen shhh'.

It's what the Kraken would want.

* our source Norwegian Bob confirms this usually involves a change trick. Apparently Bastards are suckers for it.

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