Friday, 11 January 2013

Hacking the Detectives*

A senior Met Police detective has been convicted of trying to sell information on the phone-hacking probe to the tabloid at the centre of the scandal. [Detective Casbah], at the time the most senior female investigator in Scotland Yard's counter terrorism command, denied asking for cash - and said she had contacted the newspaper out of the public interest. [she] told the jury she was angry that her superiors at Scotland Yard had decided to divert officers from counter terrorism.
The elderly are the main source of terrorism, fear and economic oppression in the world today. Because of oldies resources are withering faster than the governments grip on corporate pockets. The ingredients for a right kicking off are in place all it needs is a good stir and some heat. I therefore checked with a police source to get the gossip;
When your local police station is closed due to lack of funds, you might comfort yourself in the knowledge that Pakistan with its nuclear missiles is set to receive the most aid from Britain by 2015; £446m. Ethiopia with all those armed militias is expected to get the next highest amount, £390m, then our old friends Nigeria, being the richest country on the continent, at £305m, India with her space programme and nuclear bombs receive £264m and finally Afghanistan at £178m, not including the blood and treasure we are losing in defending them from themselves. Inspector Gadget 
This left me even more confused than avid readers of this blog but you don't need to have seen Robocop to know building a bunker could be wise(i).

* blame the Clash
(ii) if nothing else you can occupy the bunker when the bailiffs come although you may be exterminated as a possible communist rat.

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