Monday, 30 July 2012

Old Age Terrorists #20 Terminal Velocity

I, GingerZilla, PLEDGE to the People that:
I will make pensioners a criminal offence punishable by Death. 
That is why Old people must be the star of the show as they bathe in the warmth of love and acceptance before going out in style as the Prophet Bill proclaimed [below]. We must face facts. The elderly are statistically, probably going to kill themselves anyway, if not by suicide bombing then by driving deadly car missiles into trees. The supposedly more thoughtful and frail ones die and stink out the room, spoiling it for the next unworthy tenants to join the graveyard shift. Why waste a valuable tree that could bear fruit when the pensioner is a shrivelled and barren husk of thing that smells of death and positively wants it? These are simple choices, even if the idea of granddad may bring up bile, but consider the alternative - letting them live and so they can continue choking the life out of NHS as they fill up hospital wards with their multifarious ailments and raging hypochondria. Citizen's I say to you, no more.

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