Monday, 20 February 2012

VolcanoPorn #2 Dragon Enters Fujisan

On the day after the eighth Double Monday of the Mighty 12,
the fightback against the forces of the Death Star commenced. 
Meanwhile back in 1897, A painted 'dragon [rose] out of smoke near Mt. Fuji, ascending towards the sky' evoking ancestral memories of those who had ploughed beneath her.

A Japanese classical scholar...speculated that [Fujisan] is from a word meaning "a mountain standing up shapely as an ear (ho) of a rice plant"
Entranced by Fujisan's shapely form and the release she can give, The Kraken may be exploring the tubes of Mother Earth and seeking escape, and gold in Japan. I can only speculate that he may have heard that the 'Sewers of Japan were paved with Gold.'
The Kraken's Official Merchandise Range
GingerZilla assure readers there is no conflict of interest
promoting his point of view, I happen to agree he needs gold
in 2012 the threat has returned after a three hundred year sleep, which is the wink of an eye in volcano porn terms. Behold

The Kraken knows of the dark haunted forest at the foot of this Great Lady is notorious for sacrifice
Aokigahara the world’s second most popular suicide location after San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge
All volcanoes need sacrifices. Volcano movies websites can be made better improved with the addition of porn.

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