Tuesday, 21 February 2012

An Evil Troll - Are you Shitting Me?

Likke Bror: Norske Troll
"Trolls don't think very fast. This one has been caught by daylight and is now becoming a mountain.
Most Norwegian mountains are made of trolls like this one - say some people"
Source: : JNL
There is a reason Santa lives in Norway and not the Eastern half of Scandinavia. There is a reason most Trolls go to Iceland and have to regularly cleanse their fiery bowels afterwards. Evidence of this can be seen throughout the Western Coastline of their Viking homelands, littered with their frozen assets. Behold

NASA tracking Santa's Lair seen in a previous lunar precession 190203
Note the cooling ridges on the side facing Iceland
Trolls have melted snow as seen in the current lunar cycle 2012 
The green in the image may be a result of sulphur emissions   
It is no coincidence that Iceland was attacked whilst its Trolls were quietest. Since the plunder by Europe forces, possibly led from Scotland, Iceland has become more active in rebuilding her natural defences against further attack. I also know well about the importance of singing to the moon, if GONADS as my sources has taught us anything. Voices may dim but they are never truly silenced.

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