Friday, 7 December 2012

#ReclaimFriday The Great Starbucks Tax Illusion

#FutureHistory shows that Financial Conjuring is anything but new.
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist
I am against the death penalty as I once explained in Death and Taxes the Continuing Adventures of the Kraken;
Allowing people to die means they often remain unpunished and are taking the easy way out of their responsibilities and debts to the rest of society. This is NOT fair.
Whilst this may seem incongruous with my harsh position against pensioners, we must remember pensioners are not people they are terrorists with a growing list of crimes. In the same way we have dehumanised pensioners the only way we can do the same to evil corporations is to dehumanise them.
Following my strong statement and the vicious glares I have thrust at tax evasion sympathisers, Starbucks have relented to public pressure and transferred this negative energy onto their employees. Behold;
This is the usual media trickery of outrage followed by a form of Alzheimer's. It is this commitment to the goldfish principle of media reporting that will ultimately absolve Starbucks allowing the flocks of zombies to return once again drink the devil's spunk with impunity without addressing the central issue;
It is because of the orchestrated outrage that the masses are too occupied with hectoring and spitting venom on Twitter whilst you buy a pasteurised form of satanic spunk from another high street retailer,   rather than taking the plunge at the local coffee shop.
When the great big jackboot of corporate coffee has destroyed the last ounce of flavour available on the high street do not come crying to me. Believe me I will take no pleasure in telling you I told you so
* although I do accept, at least in part, arguments put forward by some conspiracy theorists that evil corporations are dehumanised as they are run by lizards. When you consider the level of magic required to disappear books [without being caught or punished] - by burning, cooking or shredding them - shape shifting between reptilian and human form cannot be that hard.

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